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Wedding with hats at Passy Farm

I love hats, and often, a wedding is a great chance to wear one. Matt and Maud’s wedding at the Ferme de Passy was delightful because of that.

The venue, Ferme de Passy, is located in Paris Suburb, in Brie Compte Robert (77), about 40km away from Paris.

Matt and Maud’s wedding theme was “serious or funny, wear a hat”, and I have to say that their guests really fulfilled their duty with that theme ! 🙂

Officialising the wedding at the city hall of Arcueil, and then taking some couple photos nearby and at the Parc Montsouris in Paris, and then, driving to Ferme de Passy.

Weather wasn’t that nice on that day : it started to rain at the beginning of the cocktail, and that’s a shame, but no matter what, this wedding celebration was lovely !

From this awesome wedding day, I want keep remembering :

Maud’s gorgeous wedding dress (Cymbeline), their oldies/vintage look. I told you in a previous post that you can have short hair and be a gorgeous bride,  Maud can totally confirm my saying just by being beautiful self.

I want to remember the smell of lavender, remember these pretty couple photos we took in the field, but also, I was to remember how much they love each other. So much that you can feel it in the city hall. Their passion for each other can be witness just by looking at these 2 and that’s so beautiful to witness.

I also want to remember, from this beautiful wedding day, that wearing a hat doesn’t always mean that you are classy and serious : some guesst were pretty funny with their hats, and I have to applause their will to play the rules with humour. 🙂

Enough writing, let me share with you how great that day was 🙂

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