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Hiking on top of Puy de la tache on a pretty Fall evening

Puy de la Tache is located beside Col de la Croix Morand, in Central France (le Puy de Dôme). It’s about 50minutes drive from Clermont-Ferrand, one of the biggest city in Auvergne.

Col de la Croix Morand  (croix morand PASS) is 1401meters high, and Puy de la Tache all the way to 1629meters.

The first time I went there, it was a month ago, in September. I wanted to check the modern art creation  “Pink Border”, from Marco Barotti  made for the modern art festival in wild nature Horizon Sancy.

It was very sunny that day when I left Clermont-Ferrand after a meeting, and I ended up getting surrounded by clouds, as I arrived in that pass, with a storm as a bonus ! 🙂

And as I thought, once down Puy de la Tache, it was the same : very difficult to see anything, quite cold, very foggy and a crazy wind and icy rain burning my face. At some point, it was quite funny though, because it was so unexpected compared with the weather I left in Clermont-Ferrand.

But I really wanted to see Pink Borders, so I walked a few meters in the storm to have a look at it, and laughing at how crazy this situation was. Have a look by yourself ! Crazy, right? !  🙂

But today, it was different : Indian summer is here in Auvergne, and the weather was so crazy beautiful everywhere. Temperatures are so hight that it’s even scary when you think about it.

Nature is undecided on how to react, but trees have finally decided to turn in their beautiful Fall colors. That’s the best time of year to go for a hike.

Today, I couldn’t focus on my work, and was wayyyy too slow and not that efficient anyway. I was a bit discouraged but the huge amount of things I have to do also. And since these days, I work non stop, and some days quite intensively (wedding season is almost over, but it’s time for quotation, training, updating my website… you know, still very busy !).

So I thought a little afternoon roadtrip hike would do me good. At least, I wouldn’t have my eyes blinking at the end of the day, and that was good enough for me ! 🙂 (she says, while writing on her blog this post, at midnight !) 🙂

So I cheered myself to work on a few things in the morning and then, treating me for a hike in the afternoon, to enjoy the sunset on top of a mountain.

2 years ago, I told you about Chaudefour Valley, and today, on a very smaller amount of time, I had the same feelings. I now know why : walking on the crest of a mountain is sooooooooooooo awesome !!!!!

From Chaudefour, and earlier on, the Plomb du Cantal too, this feeling of being surrounded by nature and gorgeous landscapes, is the best for me for sure !

A few minutes later, before arriving on Croix Morand pass, the view was already gorgeous !

I arrived there at 17h20, and this time, the weather was perfect. And then, I realised that Puy de la Tache is actually quite high! (indeed, I barely could see anything of the landscape for my last visit in September) 🙂

I was hoping to hike all the way up there to see the sunset, and already, few minutes after leaving the parking lot, I could see it down there, really small, and with the Puy de Dome in the background 🙂


I hiked on the shadow side of the Puy, and it was already quite cold and windy… I didn’t want to go down at night (althought I had my headlamp with me, I forget to bring a hat and mittens).

I get closer and closer to the sun !!! And it felt good on my face, these warms rays of sunlight felt lovely 🙂 Each step was a delight, since the view from up there kept changing for being more and more wide, wild and beautiful.  You can see the Guery lake down there (I thought at first it was the Pavin lake – my sense of direction can be quite ridiculous sometimes) 🙂

Up and up and more up, but it’s almost the top of the Puy de la Tache !

I DID IT ! and it was worth all the heart beats it took me to get up there 🙂

You can see the Puy de Dôme,  in the  bakground 🙂

This crest is magnificent ! Soft and pretty curves (going up though) 

The sun was going down quite quickly already, wind made my hair dance in the wind. A gorgeous view all around, but the cold was there too, and the light was slowly getting lower and lower.

So I hiked back down, admiring again this pretty landscape, covered by a pretty Fall day light.

It was such a pretty adventure, and it only took me a few hours in total to reboost my brain. Feeling proud to be able at last to hike by myself (I’m trying to learn to do so, and I’m not that scared anymore by it !). A fulfilled challenge, that makes me feel good. I’m so happy to live in such a great area. Auvergne allows me to do this kind of exploring/hiking just for a late afternoon breeze in my face. I adored this hike on top of Puy de la Tache and I hope I’ll be able to come back soon.

Since everything may not end up on a blogpost, I’ve recently decided to create a specific Instagram account for my hikes/travel photos.

(my wedding instagram account remains this one)



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A chic wedding in Cevennes (Ardèche and Gard)

Thomas and Laure contacted me just a few weeks before their wedding in Cevennes. I was lucky enough to be available on that day !

I love Cévennes, even if I don’t really know this part of France : it’s always on my way to some places, but I’ve never really took time to stop and explore. It was on my road, once again, a few weeks before their celebration, while on my way to a wedding in Provence  but  once again, I didn’t stop to visit, although I really loved the landscape I saw while driving.

So when a few days later, Thomas and Laure contacted me to be their wedding photographer, I screamed : YES PLEASE ! 🙂

It’s always nice to be able to book last minute weddings, and these 2 were among them, since they were engaged in Spring (to be married in August). I have to admire their work in organising their wedding in such a short notice, especially since it was a 250 guests wedding ! 🙂

A wedding in Cevennes, we spent the day both in Ardèche and Gard departement, between the towns of Bessèges and Bannes.

Landscape is gorgeous, and so are the roads, although pffffff you have to hold on to the road ! Narrow and winding, and no visibility, yes, welcome in Cevennes ! 🙂

When Google maps told me there was only 10km (6 miles) between the hair stylist and the place where the ceremony was, I was surprised it would took 25minutes to get there. NOW I KNOW WHY !  🙂


Cocktail and dinner took place in the family home, between Besseges and Bannes. Religious celebration was made in the beautiful church in Bannes. It was a very sunny day, with a crowd of very happy guests 🙂

From this pretty day, I want to remember the pretty bow ties, the gorgeous venue where we spent the day, the happy rythm of the music during cocktail hour from  Hot Jazz Brothers , the pretty hairstyle of the bride and her sisters, but also and most of all : the amazing religious ceremony. Actually, I didn’t feel it was a ceremony at all : bride and groom’s friends transformed it into a music celebration, by singing and playing music many times, despite the fact that they didn’t met and train with each other before. It was delightful, really ! 🙂

A wedding with 250 guests, that’s quite an intense day for a wedding photographer, so follow me, here are some photos 🙂






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