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A weekend in Servieres lake

Servieres lake is in central France (Auvergne), at about 1200 meters high and 40 min away from Clermont-Ferrand. Very crowded in summer time, it is really more quiet and low key in winter.

And this week-end, I’ve been lucky to be invited to spend the night at Servieres lake with a group of friends.

Sky was grey, and it was supposed to rain all Saturday, but thank you Auvergne, it never really happened : we barely felt a few drops here and there for a few minutes. 🙂

We started the day with a little hike going up high, start point at Servieres lake.

And it goes up!

Finding some snow, and at least as much mud…

Hiking down and enjoying the view, and this quiet and peaceful landscape

Sit down for a while to wait for my friend who hike a little further, and let the mud on my shoes dry a little, while knitting a few rows…

and then, friends are back, and laughing at their smoking feet ! 🙂

Night is falling, and we should get ready and start to think about getting warm : Take the axes out (I hide away !) and notice how talented my friends are with this. I believe some of them are motivated to deserve their beer ! 🙂

(nope Sandra, that’s not the way you can cut wood !) 🙂

A pétanque game before night fall…

And it was already time to stay warm and cook some dinner. Who says “a shed in Auvergne”, requires of course, the most famous local dish : truffade !!!

A few glasses of verbena liquor, a hike in the night around the lake later, and it’s already sunrise at Servieres lake, with a beautiful weather !

Go and sit up there, to breath in, while listening the birds… Exhale, and getting myself ready for this coming week, while the rest of my friends wakes up little by little, and explore the area too…

Waving to the Puy de Dôme, the most famous moutain in the area (on the left)  ! 🙂

And then, meeting my friends and go back to our shed for breakfast…

But, oh wait, we have some truffade left ! 🙂

Let’s do this, even if it’s not a breakfast type of food, who cares, it’s too yummy, let’s not waste it and eat all of it ! 🙂

It went fast, and it’s already time to leave Servieres lake and go back home…

A last look at Puy de Dôme, and that’s with a head for of memories, and a heart full of love that I hit the road again…

Thanks friends for this lovely week-end at Servieres lake.


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