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An afternoon in Conques

I discovered the village of Conques, in Aveyron, on my way back from a wedding.

I cannot remember if it was that wedding at chateau Labro near Rodez, or maybe this one . But what’s sure, is that Conques, ranked as most beautiful village in France, is beautiful ! Especially with that delightful autumn light 🙂

The road to get there is also yummilicious, although I’m not objective here, you know it : I love to drive, love to explore, and when roads becomes winding, in nature, and with a serie of gear increase or decrease, I love it ! No, I’m not a rallye driver, but well, I love to drive 🙂

Shiny roofs, the sound of my steps on pavement, the smell of flowers hanged on windows and gates, Conques is a treat, and a yummy one, for all your senses. It’s also very clean, well set by its residents, and that makes the visit even better.

Don’t think that the village was empty when I visited it, far from it actually. That’s what’s fun about sharing my photos on my blog sometimes : it can be a challenge to be able to show you things, without showing you people or visitors 🙂

Now come on, come with me, I’ll take you to Conques, a pretty and cute village !



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From pregnancy photo session to family photo session

If there is something I really love about being a photographer, that’s the ability to witness the happiness  of some people and then, time by time, photo session after photo session, becoming friends with them.

But also, because I see you my “clients”, evolve from a couple in love, to a real family.

To witness how you deal with your life, and family is a total bliss, and that’s what my years of experience bring me these days : I see you start a family, and even sometimes a big family. And I love when you contact me, years later, and tell me that you want me to take photos of your new big belly of a pregnant woman, or your new baby.

I’ve met Julie and her lover while she was pregnant of their 2nd child, a few years ago already…

And then, I met baby A.  a few weeks later !

And few years later, they told me another great news : another baby was expected, so I came back to Paris to see that big belly again 🙂

What a treat, to see my photos, printed and framed on their wall, and how great it was to see them again !

I’ve spent some time to observe this cute family and absorb their dynamic to take photos of their daily routine, while waiting for the new baby brother to come.



And finally, I’ve met baby A. (yes, another baby A in the family), how lovely ! 🙂

This year, more than ever, I love my job for that chance people give me, to be part of these happy, silly, and funny moments of your life, in order to take photos of your lovely family.

Love, caring, and friendship…

and photos, to be reminded how time flies, and how a family can grow fast when love grows even faster in this household 🙂

When a pregnancy photo session becomes a baby one, and then a family photo sessionn…

I love you !



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Wedding in Correze

Today, I take you to Gimel les cascades, in Correze, for Marion and Florent’s wedding.

Correze is only about a hundred kilometers away from Clermont-Ferrand where I live, but you can already feel the difference of landscape. Gimel les cascades is a beautiful village, very old and well preserved. If you happen to drive around Corrèze, I definitely advise stopping there ! 🙂

In these correzian lands, very precious for the groom’s family, I’ve met Florent and Marion for a photo documentary of their wedding.

It’s always fun when the bride and the groom get dressed in the same house, but don’t want to see each other before the “1st look”. Doors being closed quickly, people come and go upstairs to pick up a thing they forgot… that’s the kind of logistic that brings later on a nice moment of emotion when they finally see each other all dressed up.

A wedding in Correze, yes but most of all, a wedding in shades of blue, with a gorgeous stellar decoration, with a little touch of Dr WHO,  and an awesome work by the couple and Morgan from Plan de table et cie . 

Ohhh and that bouquet, that bouquet ! 🙂

Cocktail and dinner party took place at étangs de Taysse, a perfect venue to protect yourself rom the heat under the pine trees near the lake.

Everything else should be told in photos, but what’s for sure is that days like this, weddings like this, I want plenty of that in the future ! 🙂


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Wedding at the Commanderie in Dormelles

Commanderie de Dormelles is in Paris suburb. Far from the capital crazy pace, Commanderie de Dormelles is a pretty venue, a beautiful wrapping to celebrate love and a wedding.

Aude and Xavier met me years ago, at the wedding of their friends, that was actually my first year as a wedding photographer then !

It’s always really enjoyable to be contacted, years later, by people who enjoy your work, but also your personality and presence, while you are doing a wedding documentary. And it’s even better when, years later, you officially meet them for their wedding, and have a super feeling with them, their love story, and the possibility you could document their celebration day !

I do remember that we met in a café near Père Lachaise in Paris, in February, while snow was falling on the city. Our conversation and laughs lighten up this grey parisian weekend.

I then came drove back in central France with a smile on my face, despite the craziness and mess of the snow on the parisian roads.

Here was the D day, and that’s at  commanderie de Dormelles  that I met again Aude and Xavier, to get ready for this awesome wedding day.

I will remember how calm the place was, with just a very few people being there with the couple. I will remember how scared we were by the weather (the week-end was on a violent storm alert), to finally ending up having a lovely weather, although very windy… I will remember the pretty ligh in the bedroom where the bride was getting ready.

I will remember the light on the barn at night, and the cold tickling my face at night fall. I will remember the sound of stones crackling beneath my feet, but also the kids running all around and bringing joy and happiness during the cocktail party.

I will remember also of these group of friends, that years don’t break apart, of unflatable dolphins that made everyone laugh so hard. But most of all, I will remember this awesome couple, so kind and caring for everyone with them on that day, vendors included.

This all took place thanks to the awesome work of Corinne GINFRAY, event coordinator (and wedding planner)

Let me take you with me, at la Commanderie de Dormelles, to celebrate the wedding of Aude and Xavier 🙂

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