5 pointz, a world of graffitis in New-York

5 pointz , was known to be the Mecqua of graffiti, in Queens, New-York

If you’ve been to New-York in the past, you may have heard about it ?

What’s 5 pointz ?

5 pointz  was a very huge building, covered with tags and graffitis (or whatever name you may give to that art) 🙂

An entire block covered with paintings

Unfortunately, everything has been covered with white paint, destroyed and became a condominium in nov. 2013

Good thing people took photos of the place, at least it stil exists, on the internet.

I have to confess though, that I wasn’t feeling super comfortable going there, by myself, with my expensive camera gear, in such a decor.

It’s always tricky for me, as a woman, to be abroad and explore neighbourhoods when I’m not sure if it’s a safe area or not. (Queens)

But it’s part of the adventure ! 🙂

Colorful, definitely a massive piece of work, from very talented artists.

Yes, that’s a good sum up for that place 🙂

It almost made me want to get some paint spray and graff too ! 🙂

So here are some photos of that place, already gone 🙁

Graffiti NYC small-15 Graffiti  NYC small-13 5 pointz NYC small-10 graffiti NYC small-19 NYC small-63 5 pointz NYC small-64 Graffiti NYC small-53 Queens - graffiti  NYC small-49 Graffiti New-York NYC small-55 5 pointz NYC small-46 Graffiti NYC small-44 Graffiti NYC small-43 5 pointz NYC small-48 5 pointz NYC small-33 5 pointz NYC small-32 graffiti New York NYC small-40 5 pointz NYC small-29 NYC small-27 5 pointz NYC small-26 NYC small-3 Graffiti-  NYC small-21 Graffiti New-York NYC small-2 NYC small-24

How do you like it ?

Of course, there are plenty of other places in New-York, where you can find graffitis, and I’ll show you that soon on the blog !


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