A bohemian wedding in Provence

I grew up in Provence, in Var area, but don’t know that well the higher part of this region. Verdon gorges, Moustiers Sainte-Marie, Ste Croix lake, so many places I’ve heard about but that I havn’t explored yet, since I’m a traveler and photographer.

When Amy and Ed contacted me for their wedding in  Salernes, I thought this was  a great chance to explore Provence.

I still remember our skype interview, in December, when they were traveling in Nepal. A love at first sight kind of interview. Just looking at them, I knew  there was something very special between them. On their wedding day, Amy said she never thought she’ll get married, and then she met Ed.

I think that sums up everything perfectly. 🙂

When these 2 look at each other, the world can fall appart, it’s magic. They’ve created a bubble of kindness around them, but also towards their close friends and family, it’s quite amazing to look at. And their wedding was special like this.

Amy and Ed get married in Amy’s grandmother’s house. A place that really matters to Amy, since she spent all her vacation there, as a child, but also as a grown-up.

It’s always difficult to guess or imagine a place, especially when the personn who tells you about it, is so fond of it. And that was the surprise I’ll have on that day. I have to say, this place is magic indeed.

Some of the guest were camping on part of the garden, a mini-yourt was set up for kids for later on in the evening… all these little things that makes that day not only a special one, but an experience lived together instead.

From the nature all around us (despite the big heatwave on that day), to guests being musicians, the ceremony, where a stone has been passed through the guest for them to cover it with love vibes, and then given back to the couple and hold tight during the hand fasting.

A very emotional wedding celebration, that started with the sound of  one of my favorite song, played by a group of their musicians friends.

And a special high five to  Honolulu Brass band, who made every body dance, later on at night, for the ball


The rest of that day can be shared in photos…


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