A chic wedding in Cevennes (Ardèche and Gard)

Thomas and Laure contacted me just a few weeks before their wedding in Cevennes. I was lucky enough to be available on that day !

I love Cévennes, even if I don’t really know this part of France : it’s always on my way to some places, but I’ve never really took time to stop and explore. It was on my road, once again, a few weeks before their celebration, while on my way to a wedding in Provence  but  once again, I didn’t stop to visit, although I really loved the landscape I saw while driving.

So when a few days later, Thomas and Laure contacted me to be their wedding photographer, I screamed : YES PLEASE ! 🙂

It’s always nice to be able to book last minute weddings, and these 2 were among them, since they were engaged in Spring (to be married in August). I have to admire their work in organising their wedding in such a short notice, especially since it was a 250 guests wedding ! 🙂

A wedding in Cevennes, we spent the day both in Ardèche and Gard departement, between the towns of Bessèges and Bannes.

Landscape is gorgeous, and so are the roads, although pffffff you have to hold on to the road ! Narrow and winding, and no visibility, yes, welcome in Cevennes ! 🙂

When Google maps told me there was only 10km (6 miles) between the hair stylist and the place where the ceremony was, I was surprised it would took 25minutes to get there. NOW I KNOW WHY !  🙂


Cocktail and dinner took place in the family home, between Besseges and Bannes. Religious celebration was made in the beautiful church in Bannes. It was a very sunny day, with a crowd of very happy guests 🙂

From this pretty day, I want to remember the pretty bow ties, the gorgeous venue where we spent the day, the happy rythm of the music during cocktail hour from  Hot Jazz Brothers , the pretty hairstyle of the bride and her sisters, but also and most of all : the amazing religious ceremony. Actually, I didn’t feel it was a ceremony at all : bride and groom’s friends transformed it into a music celebration, by singing and playing music many times, despite the fact that they didn’t met and train with each other before. It was delightful, really ! 🙂

A wedding with 250 guests, that’s quite an intense day for a wedding photographer, so follow me, here are some photos 🙂






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