A coral and pink wedding

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Few weeks ago, I shared with you some photos of  Christine’s bridal shower with her friends, in rural Auvergne (central France)

She is now a happy bride, her wedding took place this past Saturday and I couldn’t wait to see her again, and share with you that beautiful wedding day ! 🙂

Mariage C+J - 18 juin 2016 -pour blog-649

A color theme for that wedding day : coral and rapsberry pink, and an awesome decoration mostly created and made by Anne and Anne-Lise, Christine’s bridesmaid

(and there you can easily guess the amount of hours spent on Pinterest, and all the time spent creating, glueing, cutting, writting, and decorating)


I’m always very impressed by the amount of energy friends of the bride and groom spend to make sure this wedding day look perfect. And for sure, Anne and Anne-Lise are some wonderful friends to have (as for all their other friends, who, in a way or another, took a role in the organisation of this friendly wedding day).

It was also great to see again all the girls I met at Christine’s bridal shower, but also, to FINALLY MEET the groom, Jonathan ! 🙂


Christine’s dress (Pronuptia), some gorgeous coiffure salon (Shine, à Clermont-Ferrand, and a very brightly colored bouquet made by L’Arbre à Fraises, were some other chic details for a pretty day !

We barely avoid rain, but not mud (it was raining like crazy when we were on our way to the place where we wanted to make the couple photo session, so, since it wasn’t raining anymore when we arrived there, we decided to stay only in that location too happy to have a non raining sky, instead of going to several location and loose precious non rainy time 🙁

They officially get married the day before, and this Saturday, the religious celebration and the cocktail took place in Crevant-Laveine , in a very friendly way, with a yummy yummy samoussa bar (true ones, made by the mother of a friend of the bride)

soooooooooooooo gooodddd !!!! 🙂

Dinner and the party were held at salle polyvalente de Ravel at about 30/40 min of Clermont-Ferrand.

That was a lovely day, defying weather, and just looking at Christine’s smile, you can guess that clouds when you find sunshine elsewhere 🙂

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yep yep yep, a really lovely day !


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