A red and white wedding in Champagne area (France)

Laura wasn’t even fiancée that she already mentionned me she wanted me as a photographer for her wedding !

Laura + Denis

I know Laura for several years now, from the time she wanted to be an au pair in USA, and me, already been a nanny, I was interviewing and selecting applicants au pair for a cultural exchange agency.

After meeting Laura we kept in touch (because YES, she was so impressively mature, cheerful, and an experienced nanny that I HAD to accept her to the aupair programm !) 🙂

Years went by, Laura and Denis became a couple, and me a wedding photographer…

And then Laura get engaged, and once the date was set, my agenda had an extra special event to look forward to : I had to take photos of the wedding of someone I know, someone I really appreciate, and then, to get to meet her friends, family and future husband. What a treat ! 🙂

So here is what I will remember of this day : a red and white wedding in Champagne area (eastern part of France)

Laura + Denis - small

Laura + Denis - small-12

Laura + Denis - small-8

A joyful morning getting ready at Laura’s parent’s place ! 🙂

Laura + Denis - small-116
Laura + Denis - small-109

Laura + Denis - small-95

A lovely bride’s bouquet, made with buttons (and bubble maker little thingy), by a friend of the bride.

Laura + Denis - small-168

Tears tickling my eyes for the groom and bride first look 🙂

and then, exploring the area for a couple photo session 🙂

Celebrating, and laughing really hard, in a little city hall of a small village in Champagne

They used an helicopter to bring the rings !


Finally being married, and as the tradition allows it : confettis !

(I found some left in my jacket’s pocket several weeks later !)  🙂

followed by a lovely cocktail / garden party at the bride’s parent mansion

The evening went wearing masks and having fun

(for almost everybody !) 🙂

and a dreamy first dance, because these 2, no doubt about it, love each other very much !


Mariage en Champagne

Today, Laura and Denis are celebrating their first wedding anniversary, so I want to wish them the best and most of all : a long life filled with love.

May they love each other as much as what I’ve witnessed on that beautiful wedding day in Champagne.


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