A roadtrip to Salers, in the Cantal area

Cantal has always been my favorite cheese, but in case you didn’t know, it got its name from an region in France, about 2 hours South of Clermont-Ferrand.

I recently mooved to Clermont-Ferrand, and Cantal was on my list for a roadtrip from the very first day I mooved in the area (I wanted to see the cow who made that cheese I love so much !).

So when someone I’ve met told me about Salers, and that “I HAD TO CHECK THAT TOWN BECAUSE I’M GOING TO LOVE IT”, well, I just rented a car and went for a day roadtrip there 🙂

And I havn’t been disappointed at all !

After so many roadtrips in US, in very remote places, I really wanted to drive through a very lonely landscape, preferably a gorgeous one, and so far, I havn’t found that.

Cantal was where I shed a tear with that feeling again, of being alone, in a beautiful place, witnessing nature in it’s simpliest way, the most beautiful I’ve seen so far.

First stop in Murat, a pretty little town, that perspire the old France I love so much 🙂 Murat - Cantal Cantal-4 Murat Murat And then, driving up to the “mountains”… and that’s where my eyes starting to shine 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cantal-7 Cantal-5 (2) Driving through a very small little village on my way to Salers… Cantal-10 and then, again, beautiful little road, in the middle of nowhere, but a beautiful nowhere : this is Cantal ! 🙂 Cantal-15 Cantal-16 Cantal-18 Cantal-19 Cantal-17 Cantal-23 Cantal (2) and then, driving down these mountains, finally surrounded by trees…. Cantal-20 to reach my destination : SALERS and again…

I havn’t been disappointed, actually, I really really want to go back there…

Salers is a beautiful gorgeous little French village. If you like old stones, and that feeling of being surrounded by history, you HAVE to go there, this is a precious place.

The kind of place that makes me feel proud to be French 🙂 Salers (2) Salers-11 Salers-15 Salers-7 Salers-6 Salers-4 Salers-3 Salers-8 Salers-21 Salers-20 Salers-2 Salers-10 and from  a square, where you could get a panoramic view of the landscape surrounding the town, I finally get to see these famous cows, the ones that make Cantal (and Salers) cheese 🙂 And what was best than seeing them ? The sound of their bells ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


I definitely recommend you to check this part of France and explore it, but also, if you get there, don’t miss a little visit at the Cheese coop (located in St Bonnet – 5km away from Salers) , you’ll get to buy the cheese directly from the farmers, and this only is Worth the trip 🙂

Bon appétit ! 🙂

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