A Scottish wedding in Brittany

Jill & François’s wedding, in domaine de Keravel, had a Scottish and a Breton’s flavour, but was also, for me, another sign that this world is really a small small one.

I’ve been in touch with this couple thanks to my very good friend Laurence, the groom’s aunt, living in Paris suburb.

Coincidence, few months before the wedding, and now living in Auvergne, I get to realise, talking to one of my new friends here, that he also knows the bride and groom, since he went to University with them ! (not knowing my friend Laurence)


Funny, right, but how do you feel if I tell you that we also acknowledge, later on, that Jill and I had the same job, in a very small recruitment agency in Paris (only 5 employees).

Yes, small world, I told you so 🙂

But sometimes, life puts people in your way, and sometimes, love comes out of this, for better and for worse 🙂

Since Jill is Scottish, this wedding in Brittany felt a bit exotic to me (and I loved it !), with the sound of bagpipes, in a pretty place in Britany, the domaine de Keravel.

A lovely place that was big enough to host most of the guest in bungalows and mobilhome,  (and only a few minutes away from the sea – and 25min from Paimpol  and Brehat island).

Hairdresser and MUA : “maison couleur café” in Binic

Wedding gown : Maggie Sottero

Bouquet & flower arrangement : Symphorine – à St Brieuc

Caterer : Traiteur Mallet

Super duo of musicians (based in Paris) : Da Capo (I really loved their style, both retro and chic at the same time)


So here are, in photos, a little sumup of that pretty sunny day in Brittany

(with guys wearing tartans…. that’s another reason to love that day) 🙂

mariage écossais en Bretagne

mariage écossais en Bretagne-2

mariage écossais en Bretagne-18

une magnifique robe Maggie Sottero

mariage écossais en Bretagne-19

mariage écossais en Bretagne-23

pour blog

pour blog-2

mariage écossais en Bretagne-29mariage écossais en Bretagne-13
mariage écossais en Bretagne-15mariage écossais en Bretagne-31mariage écossais en Bretagne-32

mariage écossais en Bretagne-34

mariage écossais en Bretagne-35

mariage écossais en Bretagne-37

mariage écossais en Bretagne-38


mariage écossais en Bretagne-39

mariage écossais en Bretagne-43mariage écossais en Bretagne-44

mariage écossais en Bretagne-3

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