A surprising wedding in Sologne (France)

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About weddings, I thought I’ve seen already plenty of things, but I’m glad to notice that I actually still can be pretty surprised, mesmerized, and of course, in love with what I see !

It’s actually the reason why I love so much being a wedding photographer !

Charlotte-Anaïs and Benjamin’s wedding was one of these weddings, surprising ! (not that it’s a contest, by the way) 🙂

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-2

Plenty of surprising things, but also a wedding in a part of France I didn’t know : Sologne (near Orleans and the Loire Valley)

Gorgeous landscapes, pretty countryside with ponds everywhere, I’m really glad I’ve decided last year, to now work all around France (and the world), taking photos of weddings !

Despite a very cold and grey weather, and some unplanned event during that day, this wedding was extraordinary (just like this couple) 🙂

Wedding gown was from Yolan Cris, a designer I didn’t know, all in lace and crochet details !

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-80

 CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-5

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-7

A gorgeous purple bouquet, and smelling so so soooooooooo good ! (made by “atelier après la pluie”) 🙂

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-10

The lovely city hall of  Romorantin

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-142CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-251

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-318 - CopieCA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-284 - Copie

The rest of the celebration took place in  Château de la Beuvrière in Vierzon (18)

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-33CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-34CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-32

A non religious celebration, full of ribbons,  where friends went to tie ribbons around the couple’s hand (it reminded me a little bit the religious laotian celebration I took photos of)

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-15CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-16

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-20CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-439CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-405

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-23CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-25

Guests who, at the end of the ceremony, shouted “long live the emperor, long live the empress” !

Apparently a private joke, but very touching and funny too (I loved it !)

A surprise HAKA ! 🙂

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-28

No bouquet thrown that day but again, ribbons playing with fate (only one of them was linked to the bouquet)

And a “princess on top of the tower” mood that I’ve loved ! 🙂

I once, when a guest at a wedding, knocked over kids and other women to catch a bouquet, with that ribbons technique, no chance this can ever happen (and that’s a good thing, right?) 🙂 🙂 🙂

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-698CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-699

A bucolic theme, with sweet peas seed instead of our traditional “dragées” !

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-634CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-640

And a butterfly on each table !

I’d love to show you that, but a video is actually much better



An awesome gift from the guest to this couple :

The bride’s mum and her sister are seamstress, and they asked all the guest to make a personnalised  piece of fabric (respecting the theme color of the wedding), to make a quilt.

Dragons, mapple leaf, and other little stories and anecdots from each guest made this blanket such a special and loving gift !

I definitely want to keep that idea for my wedding, and ask right now my friends to stop knitting and start sewing instead ! 🙂

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-35

A cute wedding cake matching perfectly with their theme ! 🙂

(I havn’t told you about the caterer, l’Auberge des 3 marchands : simply delicious !)

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-838

And for the party, no DJ or spotlight : the good thing when you’re a teacher is that you can easily find one of your student willing to play the DJ for an evening !


For their first dance, Charlotte-Anaïs told me “we havnt worked on anything, it’s going to be a bit of an improvisation I guess”.

But I suspect she bluffed me : so feel of energie between these 2, and so funny too !

When bride and grooms decide to have fun, really, you don’t need a choregraphy, it’s contagious (and awesome !)


Let’s play some music to put you in the mood for it 🙂 CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-36CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - small-872

CA + B - 14 mai 2016 - pour blog-37

I really have loved this day spent with them, my first time in Sologne but I hope not the last one.


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