A wedding in Laguiole

Antoine and Sarah’s wedding was a chance for me to discover Laguiole, a very famous city (for its knives), but much smaller than its reputation.

A July wedding is always a good idea, but that day, the weather was very hot (melting hot !).

The bride being shy, I’ve spent my morning taking photos of the groom and his friends getting ready, with the groom’s lovely grandpa 🙂

A celebration at  Laguiole cityhall , a decoration made in liberty, and flowers from  Comme une fleur

A little walk up the hill, to reach the church st Matthieu de Laguiole (but there was shadow!), followed by a cocktail (fouace, a traditional local brioche, and champagne = yummy !) at a friend’s huge garden.

Friends laughing, smiling, dancing and singing, yep, that was a lovely afternoon 🙂

And then, ending the day having dinner and partying at salle des Fêtes de Curières.

Here is a what I call a lovely wedding ! 🙂

So here is a little photo reminder of what happened that day 🙂





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