A week-end in Bilbao, Spain

A week-end in Bilbao, that was the 1st stop for my roadtrip to Andalucia (my sumup in photos here)

I hear you say : hey but Bilbao is not in Andalucia, it’s Bask country and you are right!

But from where I live, in Auvergne (central France), Bilbao is just half-way to my destination.

But before arriving in Bilbao for the week-end, I suggest that you stop at San Sebastian. A friend of my suggested to visit that town, and I’m glad, because it was really worth it.

I could compare Bilbao to a mix between Lyon and San Francisco.

San Sebastian made me think about a mix between Paris and Bandol, a small village in South of France. (and you are right, that could sound like an ankward mix on the paper, but : a cute historic town, bridges, and river walkway, and the beach with seagulls, a port, yep a charming town indeed !

I arrived in San Sebastian in early morning, at around 8h30, on a Saturday, after driving from France part of the night. What a fantastic view to have the sun caressing the beach and the sound of seagulls, laughing at the town slowly waking up, to celebrate my arrival in Spain !


Charming ! That’s the word that would best sumup these few hours spent in San Sebastian, and I would be happy to come back there. For a drink with friends, or with my boyfriend to enjoy the beach for the week-end, or with my family… well, that would be if I had a Golden Retriever to play and run with on the beach 🙂

So I kept driving tooooooooo


Bilbao, as mentionned above, wasn’t the purpose of my trip, but I thought about it as a good option, because honestly, 1000 miles between where I live and Sevilla required a pause somewhere half-way.

So why not Bilbao ? And I’m glad I did, oh what a lovely surprise !

Bilbao reminded me a bit of Lyon, for it’s narrow old historic district, but also San Francisco, for it’s street going up, and it’s colorful architecture.

And I loved it !

I love Plaza Nueva, in early morning, when book sellers were opening their booth, I loved the city waking up slowly after a crazy saturday night (I do love cities in early morning), and walking along the river with this so pretty winter light.)

I really enjoyed being a bit stressed and scared by the funicular (I am not the bravest lady who’s not scared of heights), and then overlookin at the city and hills and mountains surrounding it. And later on, going down the hill, with a voice screaming in my head to the funicular’s driver : but brakkkkkkkkkkkeeee ! 🙂

I also loved being suprised by the Guggenheim museum, worldly famous, but in my head, it was located differently in the city. Gorgeous piece of architecture which beauty was, once again, highlighted by the winter morning light.

It’s weird to know a place in photo, but finally feel you never saw it. To find it so differently pretty when you see it in real 🙂

I would love to go back actually 🙂

And if you want to go out of the city for a few hours, I strongly suggest to go and have a look at the city of  ONATI, a pretty village, very well preserved, at about 60km (40 miles) away from Bilbao. Once again, I get out of my car and was WAOW ! and off-season it was perfect : the town was empty, and I had the streets for myself….

So here was for a busy week-end in Bilbao, a pretty and surprising stop, while on a roadtrip to Andalucia. A kind of appetizer for the beginning of my vacation in Spain. The best way possible to start this trip.

More to follow…. coming soon.


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