A week-end in Brittany

A friend of mine and I wanted to escape a bit from busy Paris, craving to breath some fresh air without spending a huge amount of money….

We had a look at the prices of flights, trains and rental car to see if we could escape on a roadtrip for a day or 2, being near the ocean or the sea would be a bonus….

I then realised that I had a friend in Concarneau, that I havn’t seen for a while (since she left Paris to moove back there, few years ago…)

and here we were : booking a train to Brest for 60€ roundtrip, and a rental car for 2 days 100€, we’ll sleep at my friend’s place, and I’ll knit while in the train ! 🙂

And that’s then in August then, that I get the chance to discover Brittany ! 🙂


Concarneau bord de mer-3


We were Lucky enough to be there, in Concarneau during the music festival festival des filets bleus,so I get the chance to admire traditional Britan outfit wore by “bigouden”  🙂 <3




And listen to traditional music 🙂

Joueurs de biniou à Concarneau


but most of all, to finally get to taste the very famous desert Kouign Amann  and well, in case you don’t know me, you have to know that I had 2 of them ! (because it was sooooooooooo good !) 🙂

So here is a good reason to discover Brittany 🙂

Kouign Amann-2


Concarneau is a lovely town, with an old historic district, I really loved it 🙂



reflet bateau



The next day, we drove to Pointe du Raz, and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful weather, quite sunny but also really windy. No rain ! which blows up all my clichés about Brittany 😉

Pointe du Raz-5


Pointe du Raz-3

I felt in love with these tiny purple flowers that were all over the ground there 🙂

Pointe du Raz

We then drove along the coast a little bit…





and stop at  Locronan, to have lunch. Locronan is one of the most prestigious (historically) place in Brittany, beautiful old architecture, very preserved, I loved it ! 🙂



And then we quickly drive back to Brest where our train back to Paris was waiting for us.

We stayed in Brittany for a bit more than 24hours, but this escape was exactly what we were looking for.

It gave me the chance to discover a region I didn’t know, but that I feel I could totally fall in love with.

And it costs us about the same price as an evening in Paris drinking cocktail + restaurant + fancy dessert !


so I’LL HAVE TO BE BACK THERE ! 🙂 (but maybe stay a little bit longer this time, in order to take more photos)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, did you like this ?


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