A winter wedding in Mayenne (France)

I keep repeating this, but really : we live in a very small world (and so let’s keep being kind !), and it’s thanks to my knitter friend in Paris, that I had the chance to be with Florence and Sébastien, for their winter’s wedding in Mayenne (North western part of France).

Mayenne and Sarthe, to be more accurate, almost in Brittany but not yet. And that’s probably why I havn’t stopped and visited this area in the past, but now I know how pretty it is, and how much it deserves to be more explored and admired. 🙂

Winter weddings are always a bit different, no light flowery summer dresses, no bare legs dancing, it’s cold out there and night falls quite early too. But it’s also a lovely chance to see some furry accessories on the bride’s shoulder, and woods in winter look more dark,mysterious and romantic too.

Also, in this cold winter, love and smiles from your beloved family and friends warms even more the day 🙂

A wedding with a bit of a crochet touch, since the bride is addicted to crochet ! I really loved all the details in the decoration and accessories, hand-made in crochet.

I know how important for all the couples I’ve photographed, to make their decoration and that day unique and special, and I have to say, even more for that day, how much I know this has been time consuming, being myself a crocheter.

So here are, in photos, a little sum up of that cold but pretty winter day.

We started the day in Sarthe departement, near  Sillé le Guillaume and Grand Etang (coco plage), and cocktail and the evening took place in Château du Lattay, an awesome place to celebrate such an event (very well organised and converted)

The bride’s wedding gown was tailor made.

DJ : Fabrice from Muzic Passion

Caterer : Les délices  (and they deserve such a name !)

Flowers : Aux secrets de Sophie (in Sillé Le Guillaume)

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