A year exploring Auvergne

It’s been a year now, that I’ve settled down in Auvergne, an area in central France.

A region totally unknown for me, I barely spent a week-end in Clermont-Ferrand before that (CF being the biggest city)

But, I was craving for nature, fresh air, and also a way to stop thinking about Oregon

I already told you about visiting Salers, but also hiking in Chaudefour valley, but there is so much more to do and explore around here, in Auvergne ! So much to share on this blog still 🙂

So here are some photos, some landscapes of my time in Auvergne this past year, hoping to share more about it in my next blogpost.

Auvergne area gathers several little village classified “most beautiful village of France” (“plus beau village de France”)


Lavaudieu - small


CHARROUX - small

But there is also plenty of NATURE !

Its Puys (former volcanos), that I havn’t all climbed or hiked yet, but after a year, I am now always search, from the back of my head, the view on its most famous one : Puy de Dôme !

Instameet Forez - small-153

Just like in Oregon, the vision of Mount Hood made me feel at peace, here, Puy de Dôme is reassuring me. It’s like a kind of landmark that helps me to figure out my way around, wherever I could be. 🙂

Here’s a view on Puy de Dôme, from Puy de Côme :

Puy de Côme - small-3

Auvergne, often empty and isolated


Plateaux de Gergovie - small-3

and sometimes icy and snowy too ! 🙂

Lac Serviere - small-63Lac De Guéry-3Lac Serviere - small-27

Auvergne, that I love for this exact reason : even when it’s crumbling, you can find life making its way through a wall, thanks to a plant, a branch or flowers…

Nature is everywhere here !

Auvergne, where I’ve seen more animals in a year than in an afternoon at the Agriculture Fair in Paris 🙂

(yes, I’m a teasing troll, but come in Auvergne and you’ll see by yourself 🙂 )

I even created a mental bingo card, for when I’m hiking with friends, checking all the animals I may see while hiking !

Few days ago, I saw a deer crossing the country road where I was driving. It’s as rare in France to see that, that it’s common in US… so I think I made 5 000 points that day ! 🙂

and I just cannot get enough of all this

(as long as I don’t see snakes, I’m fine with that!)


Rando au bord de la Sioule - small-61Mirefleurs - small-5

Auvergne, with its traditions, churches, cloisters, castles and other historic buildings….

And sometimes, I feel like I live in another era, or maybe, I’ve lived in other eras before, and now I’m in the real one… that must be it 🙂

Last time I hiked with a friend, we walked into a group of monks, on top of a hill in a procession in order to bless the harvest. EXTRAORDINARY ! 🙂 (and I’m not religious, you know that, right ?)

Randol small-2

Auvergne, and its chemin Fais’Art , a hike among massive stone sculptures

Chemin Faisart - small-59

I have to do this one again, I loved it ! 🙂


Queuille meander, that reminded me of , HorseShoe Bend in USA, but with a bit more trees all around 😉


Auvergne, I really like you, and I still have so much to see and explore, I can’t wait ! 🙂

Good thing I just bought my very first car, right ? 🙂

So, to be continued, for more photos of Auvergne


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