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Sandrine BOUTRY

What’s going on between us is important.

This is a collaboration between you and I, and how you love each other too.

More than just a service provider, I feel lucky to be able to spend that day with you, YOUR day (and see the bride’s gown before everybody else !).

And because of all that, I need you to feel comfortable being with me (be sure I’ll help you with that !) 🙂

and since we’re going to spend one of the most amazing day of your life together, please spend time getting to know me at first, because besides my photos, that can tell a lot about my vision of life, getting to know a little bit about me will help you to feel at ease when we’ll be together.

Because wedding photography is not just a quotation.

It is people spending time together, feelings, love, and being here with you, for you, if you need it.

Feel free to contact me if you request more information than what you’ll find below.

(+33) 0 6 68 68 83 92

If you’ve been dreaming of that day for a long time, my experience in wedding photography can probably help you too, to make your dreams reach your reality.
I love to travel and, as you can see, can speak and write in English
I also speak Spanish but not as fluently though.
These prices are available WORLDWIDE.
For weddings out of France : TRANSPORTATION and HOUSINGS are not included 
Please contact me for more details

All packages include:

transportation and housing (for weddings in France only)
– Photo processing : I process and give you all the photos I define being ok, without any maximum amount (to give you an idea, for an entire day it’s usually about 500 photos)
– A photo gallery on my website.
– A USB drive with full resolution files and printing rights to your images (for personal use)
– 50 prints (10*15cm)
– My attention, guidance and help if you require it
– A smily photographer (because it does matter!)
— if you’re looking for a DJ, wedding planner, or a guest book & bookbinder maker, click here to check my friend’s list 


Silk (1250€)

Until the end of your cocktail reception.
(and with some photos of your dinner decoration of course)
Mariage - détail chaussures robe - Wedding accessories - shoes and dress details

Cashmere (1700€)

Spending an entire day with you, from getting ready with make-up to the first dance !


Mariage laotien - cérémonie traditionnelle - traditional laotian ceremony



(Feel free to add this to your wedding registery or ask your guests to treat you with these !)



Polaroïd (100€)

A fancy polaroïd  available for you + 5 rolls of film (100 photos in total)



Sunday Brunch (350€)

Do you plan a brunch on the next day ? Let me join you and document this day after.

I’ll spend 3 hours with you and your guests, for more fun and more photos of course !


Mariage - macarons


Bridal session (150€)

A sexy photo session, for a sexy and glamour bride

1h photo session + your photos on a CD + 10 printed note cards for your lover (or for you!)

a superstar always knows she'll end up naked on the web anyway


Engagement session OR Trash ze dress (150€)

Let’s meet for a photo session together, before or after your wedding day !

1h30 spent together, and you’ll receive your photos on a CD

(Engagment + Trash ze dress : 250€)


Bachelorette party (150 à 400€)

Let me spend some time with you on your bachelorette party !

From 1h30 to 5 hours.

A nice way to celebrate and spend time together, before the big day !


Mariage - portrait NB de la mariée avec voile - BW portrait of bride with veil


Roadtrip together (400€)

Let’s run away, escape, and go somewhere, for half a day together !

Let’s hit the road, get lost, explore (or maybe I can meet you there !), and let’s make awesome memories and photos of it.


Mariage 3 mai 2013 (422)


YARN Wedding Anniversary (800€)

1 photo session (1 hour 30) each year until you reach your Yarn wedding anniversary

(let me help you with that : it’s you’re 7th anniversary)

Photos will be sent to you on a CD



YARN AND SKEIN anniversay (1300€)

14 photo sessions 1h30 (each) until your Yarn anniversary, for you and /or your kids.

Photos will be sent on a CD


Please feel free to contact me if you request any further more informations.

+33 (0)6 68 68 83 92

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