An afternoon in Conques

I discovered the village of Conques, in Aveyron, on my way back from a wedding.

I cannot remember if it was that wedding at chateau Labro near Rodez, or maybe this one . But what’s sure, is that Conques, ranked as most beautiful village in France, is beautiful ! Especially with that delightful autumn light 🙂

The road to get there is also yummilicious, although I’m not objective here, you know it : I love to drive, love to explore, and when roads becomes winding, in nature, and with a serie of gear increase or decrease, I love it ! No, I’m not a rallye driver, but well, I love to drive 🙂

Shiny roofs, the sound of my steps on pavement, the smell of flowers hanged on windows and gates, Conques is a treat, and a yummy one, for all your senses. It’s also very clean, well set by its residents, and that makes the visit even better.

Don’t think that the village was empty when I visited it, far from it actually. That’s what’s fun about sharing my photos on my blog sometimes : it can be a challenge to be able to show you things, without showing you people or visitors 🙂

Now come on, come with me, I’ll take you to Conques, a pretty and cute village !



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