Andalucia – the land of bulls

Sometimes, in life, there are chances you have to grab…

Sometimes, an amazing moment happens just thanks to someone you’ve had the chance to meet at the right time… just a one personn…

And on that day, I’ve been extremly lucky to meet the right personn, and so to spend what is, so far, one of the best moment of my life… in the bull’s land.

A magic place, a secret one… somewhere between Jerez and Medina, in Andalucia, there was this place, a ranch where they raise bulls for corridas.

Just like Cabrel sings it in his song:  “where the lands are bordered by cactus, where the purple weed makes the landscape look magnificent…”

Jerez - small-217

Where bulls take a nap in the sun, or under the shadow of eucalyptus tree (they were 50 meters away from me : this is quite impressive – and scary !)

Jerez - small-208

Jerez - small-213

Where horses share the land with bulls, and are really cherished

Jerez - small-230Jerez - small-231

Jerez - small-224

Jerez - small-238

Where they separates animals in the dust of their hoof …

Jerez - small-255

Jerez - small-256

Jerez - small-252

Jerez - small-287

Jerez - small-279

Under the burning sun of Andalucia…

Jerez - small-247

Jerez - small-251

Jerez - small-288

There, in that magic land… where I had the chance to be !

A place out of time, that almost makes me cry when thinking about it because I imagine dancers meeting, all dressed up with polkadots dresses, farmers, and toreros smoking cigars….

There, there was this place, a private arena, covered, where every wall shows a bit of history of the former glory from the past and present, of their love for what they are doing so well…

Jerez - small-261

Jerez - small-259

A place where I’ve been allowed to walk, and be silly for a few minutes

Jerez - small-265

<3 <3 <3 in the bull’s land… <3 <3 <3

In the bull’s land, there is also toreadors… and as if this day hasn’t been enough amazing, I had the chance that day, thanks to my travelmate who knew him, to meet a toreador, Thomas Cerqueira, that stopped at the same restaurant as us…

Jerez - small-309

There was really something magic about that day…

🙂 🙂 🙂

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