Anissa and Benoit’s rainbow wedding

There were plenty of rainbows near Thiers that Saturday, to celebrate Anissa and Benoit’s wedding !

After getting officially married in Chauriat, we drove to Rémy sur Durolle, near Thiers, to spend our day at La Chaponnière (their website).

Anissa and I are both members of Blogovergne, a community of bloggers in Auvergne (her blog here)

When we met for our pre-wedding interview, I remember Anissa mentionning she didn’t want confettis or lavender to be thrown at the end of the ceremony. Instead, she wanted yarnballs. YES YARNBALLS !

 Being a knitting addict, I was so excited by this idea, that I went and prayed the Sheep and the yarn gods, to be choosen as their wedding photographer.

And here I ammmmmmmmmmmm (seems like it worked, nice, right ? 🙂 )

I just couldn’t wait to be there !

Ok, in my excitement, I forgot that in between all these yarn strings, I could be stock in the middle while trying to take photos (the wood stick in my hair get stocked in the yarn while trying to moove to take photos !) 🙂

That was fun ! I want more !

Bride and groom, yarn, photos, yes, this is perfect to me, a dream job ! 🙂

Now give me more yarn ! 🙂

Hera mariage, an awesome wedding planner, helped to decorate the place and put rainbows here and there. As for the party, don’t expect to stay on your seat, Patrice  was there to entertain us. And waouw, what a party !


Hairdressing by Angely’s coiffure, make up by Heia home, and a pretty tailor made wedding gown. The last accessory missing to this perfect outfit was the very colorful bouquet, by  Vertige d’arum 

As for dinner, we were very lucky and really pampered by Anissa and Benoit : they cooked the cocktail food (what a huge amount of work they accomplished !), then, there was a yummy burger foodtruck for dinner, as for dessert….

Well, dessert…. waouwwwww dessert !!!!!

A rainbow cake, baked by the bride and groom (yes, they did it !), as pretty that it was good (and it was VERY pretty !)


What a treat for their guests !

That evening, there were rainbow everywhere, kindness and simplicity in their way to express it, and a lot of fun !

When you start to dance before the end of dinner, you know it’s going to be a great night !

So let me show you the rainbow we saw at Anissa and Benoit’s wedding….


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