Emilie and Antoine’s wedding, with SouthWestern French accent

I havn’t taken photos of that many weddings in Southwestern France, I barely explored the area around Rodez and the Lot departement, and that’s a shame because a part of me thinks I’m going to love that area.

So when Emilie and Antoine contacted me to be their wedding photographer, near Leucate, I jump for joy, knowing it will be a good way to explore the area around (and this, you will see in my next blog posts) 🙂

Silly as I am, I’ve scheduled  a mole surgery just 4 days before driving there, and so was strictly forbidden to swim.

Yep, that’s silly of me…. but at least, if you were among the guest, you now why that bandaid on my neck was for. Nope, that wasn’t a vampire attack, in my area, in Cantal (central France), we only have cows and sheeps 🙂

But no regrests, sun is good, but protecting your skin is important, and in the South West, on that day (did you notice the amazing transition ? 🙂 ) the weather was hot, very hot. They even declared a massive heatwave during these 4 days I was around.

But it was ok, the day celebrating was great, and the south western accent of all their guests sounds perfect to me ! 🙂


Emily and Antoine set up a color theme for their wedding : a touch of green, since Antoine proposed in Ireland, they wanted to be reminded of that on that day.

A great hairdresser and make up artist :  Bulle d’hair (in Caves)

A group of musician very rock : Parallels

(I really tried not to sing along when taking photos but failed) 🙂

No caterer, but devoted parents, Congratulations to you for this impressively huge amount of work (and a yummy work too!) 🙂

Wine bottles that rested in the water of the pond in Leucate since they were engaged, a very caring bride, especially for kids invited to the wedding.

A very small church, and guests trying to hide from the sun.

And a very developped sense of PARTY !


So now take your fans on, here are, in photos, a little sum up of that day….


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