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Enjoying the snow in the Forez area

Until I settled down in Auvergne, I’ve never heard of Forez before.

And to be totally honest, I’m not even sure how to pronounce that name. I say “Forezzzzzz”, but it seems that local pronounce it “foré”

Since I first arrive in the area, I’ve been exploring a little bit this land, especially when  hiking because I like it so much, but also thanks to photography community on Instagram, such as igersClermontFerrand, Team Auvergne  and few others…

And one day, I saw on Instagram that  igers St Etienne was organising an event in the Forez area.

Discover the Forez  area and its snow actitivities ?



and it was perfect because my friend Valérie was also available !

So here are my photos of that day, a kind of sum up of an amazing day spent in the Forez, in the snow 🙂

Instameet Forez - small-66

After a lovely breakfast together, helping us to introduce each other (we were about 15 people), we headed toward the ski area at col de la loge. Some of us tried the snowshoes, but I’ve decided to make an attempt at cross country skiing, because the last time I did that I was in primary school !

I do remember that I’ve loved it very much though and that’s why I wanted to try that again.


Instameet Forez - small-5

Ok, you know me, right ? I’m a knitter, so of course, if you give me ski sticks, you should expect something silly to happen, right ?  😉

tricot neige

Cross country ski ? I LOVEEEED IT !!!!

First of all, I loved it because I wasn’t as terrible as I suspected I would be, and my sensations, as a kid, came back quickly, after so many years rollerskating, and so I get to enjoy the landscape without really be afraid to fall (except in slopes !) 🙂

Instameet Forez - small-9

Instameet Forez - small-57

Instameet Forez - small-44

From there, we had a little test on the gyropod, thanks to Gyroforez

(if, just like me, you didn’t know what was a gyropod, I guess you’ll know better the object by one of the brands : SEGWAY) 😉

And once again : it was much easier than planned, and another great idea to try this, because I don’t think I would have tried by myself if I was in the area.

After few crushed cones, I kind of enjoyed this ! 🙂


here is a photo souvenir taken by Andre_Berthet (merci !) 🙂

And then, before joing the rest of the group for lunch, we went to see the sled dog, patiently waiting outside for their next walk.

Dog sledding is one activity very high ranked on my list of the things I want to do in my life…

I didn’t do any this time, but I am actually very happy that I get to see these dogs for real.

Now that I know I can find some in my area, I may come back to cross that from my list !

But I’m glad I get to hug these doggies, although they smelled pretty bad and made a lot of noise barking !


Instameet Forez - small-31

Instameet Forez - small-26

Instameet Forez - small-35

Instameet Forez - small-38

Instameet Forez - small-17

Instameet Forez - small-21

Instameet Forez - small-14

Everything around us was gorgeous, covered with snow and each tree species was transformed into a gorgeous icy snowy sculpture. Fog made it all look even better, adding some mystery to the view


Instameet Forez - small-11

Instameet Forez - small-41

Instameet Forez - small-54

Instameet Forez - small-48

Instameet Forez - small-50

After a well deserved lunch break, we went to  Notre Dame de l’Hermitage

Where, again, the landscape was oh sooo pretyyyy !

Instameet Forez - small-75

Instameet Forez - small-73

Once up there, everything was even more pretty than on the way to get there (yes, it is possible !)

From the view near the main building…

Instameet Forez - small-99

Instameet Forez - small-98

Instameet Forez - small-89

Instameet Forez - small-93

to the walk to reach the chapel, on this snowy landscape, everything was wonderful, all covered with snow !

Instameet Forez - small-80

Instameet Forez - small-86

Instameet Forez - small-105

Instameet Forez - small-101

Instameet Forez - small-109

Instameet Forez - small-122

Instameet Forez - small-113

Instameet Forez - small-129

Instameet Forez - small-138

I’ve been told that this place is very crowded in summertime, but on that day, we only met 2 other people, and that was another reason to enjoy this place ! 🙂

After visiting that place, we left the snow to drive to the little village of  Cervières, to visit the maison des grenadières, (museum of gold embroideress)

Very informative, our guide shared her knowledge with us but also showed us how they do to create gold embroiedrey (used for uniforms and very formals outfits). It’s a skills getting lost these days, so I’m glad I get to learn about it !


Instameet Forez - small-144

Cervières is also a very cute little village !

Instameet Forez - small-141

Instameet Forez - small-147

Instameet Forez - small-148

Instameet Forez - small-150

Located just nearby the highway, so very easy to reach and leave after such a busy great day !

I loved every minute spent in the Forez, and loved the landscape I’ve seen there. Not too flat, not to scary in height level too, and I also spy a  castle on our way to Cerviere 🙂

So thanks a lot to all the organisers of this great day :

L’Office de Tourisme des montagnes du Haut-Forez,

Forez Tourisme et

Loire Tourisme

and I can’t wait for the next one  !


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