Exploring Brehat Island

Brittany, ô pretty Brittany ! If there is one thing I don’t regret, when I’ve decided to be a wedding photographer all around the country, it’s that I get the chance to explore the world a little bit more, and discover beautiful places.

So here are my photos, as a tourist, about Brehat island, where I went, in between 2 weddings in Brittany, here and there, in summer 2016 🙂

Brehat island is near Paimpol, in Brittany, and you can get there by the ferry in the city of l’Arcouest (more infos here)

Waking up very early to catch the first ferry of the day, in order to avoid the crowd of tourist and be more surrounded by locals, on their way to work on the island.

A little cold and rainy morning, but the day was planned to be sunny later on…

It was low tide when I arrived on the island, with my camera, a map, and good sneakers on my feet. You can rent a bike to explore the island or walk, I’ve decided to walk around, folling these cute stone paths 🙂

Pretty beach with boats …

and then, a field ! I was a bit surprised to find that on Bréhat island, I thought, looking at the map, that the land was much smaller.

Local farmer shop, totally trusting customers to help themselves and pay by themselves (rare and a so really nice to see !)

and then, under the pavement, the beach !:)

walking to the “phare du paon (lighthouse of the peacock) at the very end of the island, where rocks have a very pretty shade of pink 🙂

Getting myself lost in little path surrounded by ferns, and see bunnies jumping around (I totally could have taken a bunny selfie, but wasn’t patient enough to even consider trying !)

On that part of the island, nature is beautiful (it is everywhere on Brehat island, but this part was the one I’ve enjoyed the most)

Leaving the area, but with a last goodbye to the cows

(what a life they have, with such a view !)

And then, walking back to where I was, and turning a bit north to the semaphore, and some pretty beaches, with a sign telling all about the landscape waiting for us 🙂


Churches, pretty paths, low walls in stones where wild flowers grow… yes, Brehat island is gorgeous !


Walking all the way up to Chapelle St Michel to check the view from up there :

an the moulin à marée du Birlo (tide mill)

My eyes full of these pretty things, and my legs a bit soared, I reached the ferry at high tide this time, and promised myself to make it back some day, at the Bréhat island, a paradise in Brittany.

Lucky bretons !


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