Exploring Perigord, in South Western France

Perigord is an area in South Western France, near Sarlat.

An area known for its gastronomy, foie gras, great wines, prunes, ducks… all the great things French people enjoy especially in December. And that’s when I’ve decided to go on a roadtrip and explore this area…

Why December ? Mainly to avoid traffic, crowd also, on these very narrow and winding roads (scary to me, although I’m used to drive with small cars). It’s also a great time of year to go, because hotels are cheap !


and most of all : it’s a great time of year if you want to avoid tourists !

So that was the perfect timing for me to go and visit there !

Perfect to avoid people in the streets (much better to take photos on empty streets, especially on very pretty villages !

Easy to park my car too !

And since my birthday is in December, I decided this year to treat myself with a trip in Perigord.

I’ve heard about Perigord many times, and part of me knew I would love the area, and I WAS RIGHT !


What’s great about this area, is also that, in just about a hundred miles, there are plenty of little villages, certified among the “plus beaux villages de France”, (the prettiest village in France)

So that’s another reason to explore Perigord, that very charming part of France.

So here are some of my photos from that 2 days trip



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Streets have sunny names, there is an impressive esplanade with a great panorama on the area.

When I came back home from that roadtrip, I felt that Domme was the town I loved the least, but when looking at my photos, I have to admit that it’s the one who inspired me the most. (that’s the first town I visited, maybe that’s why ?) 🙂


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The overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac

This place was the reason why I’ve decided to explore Perigord. The little spark that creates action.

This place deserves a special blogpost on its own, and that’s where you can see my photos

If you decide to visit it in low season, beware of special openings hours.

The great thing about it though : low season = I was alone in that garden and that was AWESOME and very peaceful too



That town is really pretty, and has a special thing to see : 2 bridges, perpendicular together, at the entrance of the city.

There is a panoramic view from the garden, at the upper town, but unfortunately I get there at night fall, and the garden was already closed 🙁

Good thing though : that’s just a good excuse to come back in Limeuil ! 🙂


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Very small, really cute, and really foggy too on that morning…

Quite tough for my phone to work, but it’s ok, Instagram could wait  🙂


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Here is a village I immediately wanted to visit again in summertime. I could totally see myself back there, enjoying a juice on a terrasse, near the river, while listening my neighbours chatting…

It’s very small, but I loved it and really can’t wait to be back there ! 🙂

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and that was my last stop, sunny, finally ! 🙂

Once again, it’s a very small but really pretty downtown !

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So here was my roadtrip in December.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed, but I LOVE THAT AREA !

I’ve heard plenty of people telling me that in summertime, it’s really crowded and quite bad to drive around because of so many tourist, but I have to say that in December, it was PERFECT ! 🙂

I havn’t seen that many people, and mostly had all the streets for myself… how great ! 🙂

I’ll probably be back there in Spring time, because I guess nature will make it look even nicer


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