Fontfroide Abbey

Fontfroide abbay is a  12th century cistercian abbey. I’ve heard about it thanks to my friend Jean, who created the Gregorian Chorale of Luxembourg and is also a member of the  Paris gregorian chorale

When he mentions Fontfroide it felt like this place was breathtaking, and each time he went there to sing, I guessed on Facebook how much he couldn’t wait to be there, and how much he loved that place.

But I didn’t have a clue where it was ! 🙂

Fontfroide is in Occitanie (ah ah, now you know more, right?), it’s just a few kilometers away from Narbonne, in south West of France (in Meditterannee side). Not far from Carcassonne either. Now I guess you can have a clue what I’m talking about ? 🙂


I recently spent the weekend in Leucate to take photos of a wedding and I noticed that Fontfroide abbey was just half an hour drive away from there.

I had to have a look at that place on my way back home then !

And I’m glad I did, because without knowing it yet,  Fontfroide is now among my very favorite places in France.

I am not religious at all, but I love old stones and I’m very sensitive to what’s surrounding me too.

Because I’ve lived in USA for a while, I also know how lucky I am to be French, a country with so much history, and very old architecture.

Oh Fontfroide, you mooved me, healed me and helped me to find inner peace with so many little details.

If I didn’t have 4 hours drive to come back home after that, I would have loved to stay a little longer… just a little longer please 🙂

Come on, can’t we stay a little longer please  🙂

So here are, in photos, all these little things that made me a bit happier that day, when visiting Fontfroide.

and no doubt that I will be back there !

At the entrance, there is a kennel space for visitors and their pet. I’ve never seen such a thing in all the touristic places I’ve visited and I think that idea is brillant. Especially since on that day, weather was really hot.

The color of the stones used to build this place is amazing ! It feels like sun is on the walls : amazing shades of yellow, oranges and even pink.

That door, and all the ironwork in there is gorgeous !

pretty lamps…

And of course, the cloister… a beautiful place that led me speachless, with shiny eyes and feeling totally mellow. 🙂

How I love this place ! I’d be curious to come back there in wintertime to feel the different mood of the season…

The chapel, maybe the place I’ve enjoyed the least at the abbey, because a group of tourist has just arrived. Until then I was quite alone in the place (few visitors here and there but nothing to annoying). But this time that was about 30 people in the room. So I run away from the chapel.

And came back in the cloister… until I hear some divine singing coming from the chapel…

a treat for my ears, so I walked back there and realised that the group of tourist was actually a choral visiting the place. They decided to improvised and sing there. How lovely. Now I know how amazing this place is for singing.

Ok that’s a good lesson learnt. Thanks life for that, I will not complain about tourist and crowd anymore.

(thanks for this lovely moment)


And then, and then… the garden and the rosegarden !!!

Of course, since  it was the end of June, it was an explosion of colors and smells (and bees !). Exquisite way to walk around and avoid the heat, surrounded by trees…

So, when do we go back there ?


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