Grand Canyon, on a December morning

I’ve been dreaming of Grand Canyon for years.

And I think it all started in 2000, when I was a nanny on the East coast of USA.

That was my first stay in USA, and I wasn’t acknowledging the size of the country, and distances between things yet, I just thought “here I am, in USA being an au pair for a year, what should I visit during that year here ?”

But in the end, time went by, and although I kept really busy and spend lots of time exploring USA, I didn’t go to Grand Canyon that year.

And havn’t gone on my next trips in that country either : it always felt like Grand Canyon was there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of everything, but never really on my way. I fly on top of it when flying to the West coast, but that’s about it.

There was always too much driving or flying to reach Grand Canyon when I was on short vacation…. I had to really go there specifically for it and things around it.

And then…

One morning in December, my dream became reality. A day specifically picked :

my birthday !

(yes, I know, I am that kind of woman : the one who treats herself with Grand Canyon for her birthday !)

After celebrating Thanksgiving in San Diego with friends, I thought I should drive to Grand Canyon for my birthday.

Oh what a treat ! 🙂

I already showed you some of my photos from Las Vegas, and now is time for me to share another beautiful place with you :

Grand Canyon !!!

it reminds you, with all its simplicity, that we are just little small tiny things in this universe. And I love it when Nature reminds you this! 🙂

It also made me think a lot about pioneer, and explorers of the West. The ones who ended up there, looking for a better life (or gold), and ending in that desert, and huge Canyon… I’m sure it wasn’t such a gorgeous sight at first for them, but more a call for death, despair, hunger or at least : danger ! 🙁

(can you picture yourself there, after days traveling, in your carriage or on your horse, with screaming kids and wife, maybe some of them being sick, with snakes everywhere, and Natives tribes not welcoming, in that very hostile landscape, being hungry ??? yep, I’m sure Grand Canyon wasn’t such a great view 250 years ago !)

And I thought about it that day…

And that’s on a December early morning that I finally get to see Grand Canyon…

at 8.15am to enjoy the sweet and soft morning light at its best

(it was freezing cold, but a bit less scary that what my guide books advises me. I may have been lucky that day though : just a little bit of icy road, but no road closed, no snow storm, no ice storm, and not really ice : just a very FREEZING cold and not that many tourists.

But indeed : there was no tour, or guided visits to walk down the canyon on that day. I assume it’s all about low season and you can not have everything : no tourist and a visit… and it’s fine with me, if I had to go there again, I’ll probably will do it exactly that way !) 🙂

All these photos were taken on the 24 miles long road 64, that goes along the Southern part of Grand Canyon, with impressive and breathtaking viewpoints ! 🙂

If I remember, it took me about 3 hours to drive these 24 miles, because REALLY, I just couldn’t get enough of that view, and well, you never know if you’ll ever get a chance in your life to see it again 🙂

Grand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonGrand CanyonArizonaGrand CanyonArizona-63Arizona-66Arizona-60Arizona-57Arizona-61Arizona-54Arizona-52Arizona-55Arizona-47Arizona-49Grand CanyonArizona-46Grand Canyon

Grand CanyonGrand CanyonArizona-31Arizona-29Arizona-35Arizona-26Grand CanyonArizona-23Arizona-22Arizona-24

I feel really luck for being among the ones who saw Grand Canyon !

but my “problem” now, is that, as for every places I’ve loved, I’m now really dreaming to be back there !


Grand Canyon

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