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How I began photography: 2 years of 365 project

You may not know about it, but I’ve started photography with a Project 365…and actually, with 2 of them, but this, I didn’t know about it when I’ve first started ! 🙂

What’s a project 365 ? —> a photo each day, for a year.

Up to you to set up your own rules, but for me, after seeing some project on the internet, I’ve decided to start that project on my 29th birthday (December 1st 2007), in order to have a look at my life before I turn 30.

Me or a part of me (it gives more possibilities), and here I was then, for this first year of self portrait…

Thing is, after a little while, you become a bit mono obsessed, as soon as you Wake up : what photo will I take today ? 🙂

During that first year of selfportraits, I bought my first reflex (a Nikon D80), and joined Flickr community, to follow people doing this project too. 🙂

What’s great is that this project can be a goodand extraordinary introspection, not so good for your ego on a long term basis I think though, but it is also a huge source of inspiration thanks to the internet and the time you want to spend on this project each day (yes, because if you spend 1 to 4hours a day trying to take a photo, at some point, you have to improve, right ?)

This first year of selfportrait was more like a journal, a vision of what my life was  before turning 30. and here are some part of it

From when I was traveling  🙂


🙂 Or from my daily life… 🙂


🙂 or because the light was just perfect, right there… 🙂


But any excuse was in the end good enough to be silly, and be out of control ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

(and of course I don’t allow you to use these files!) 😀



🙂 until the final photo, just before I turned 30 🙂

30 novembre GOOD2

Except that…

at the end of this year, I wasnt that happy with where my life stand :

– I just lost my job,  I was a crazy neurotic single woman ! 😀 and I was only starting to have fun when taking photos.

🙂  I could do much better then ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

and so I’ve decided to keep going for a 2nd year of daily selfportraits, but this time being more focused oh photos, instead of focusing on myself.

This time, my rules were still about me or a part of me, but using myself as a modele, telling stories, or experiment with light and posture… 🙂
So here are part of this 2nd year of self portraits :

still linked with my daily life… 🙂


🙂 some experimentation more or less successful…. 🙂


But of course, still, and forever, silly ideas, crazy and funny things, because it’s nice to be out of control of your creativity ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

(and of course, you’re still not allowed to use any of these 😉 ) 🙂


And now that I’m having another look at these photos, I realise that I used to have a food disorder 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Unfortunately, the last photo of this project wasn’t as I expected it to be, especially after 2 years working daily on this. 🙁

Extremly sick because of a food poisonning the day before, I was so weak, couldn’t really stand up, and even after trying to wait until the very last end of the day, I barely could walk 🙁

So I crawled outside with a friend to make an attempt of a photo, but didn’t really insist, because in the end, it’s ok if the last photo wasn’t perfect 🙁 (but very frustrating on the D day) 🙁

30 novembre copie

And it sums up pretty much what a 365 project is about : frustration, unexpected things, an almost inexistant social life if you really want to focus on that project, and lots lots of things happened you didn’t really planned ! 🙁

And all these hours spent trying to make something with my camera, in my small appartment, without any tripod (until the end of the 2nd year), and rarely using Photoshop (still not using it these days), it was Worth it, as you may have guessed already… even if it wasn’t the plan at first, here is where I am now : I am a photographer 🙂

I’ve discovered that I have a lot of patience, and sometimes, when working on a very tough project, I tell myself “if you’ve been able to take a photo each day for 2 years,  really, you can do this !”. (the kind of things I told myself when knitting my car)

Photo exhibitions, being publishes, and lots of things learnt in the way to deal with a body, with a modele, but also a great friendship with  Maite, a photographer but most of all, a painter, that I admire more than anything ! ( here is her  Facebook page)  :), and lots of other people met thanks to photography too ! 🙂

So you may wonder which photo, after 2 years of self portrait, I love best ???

This photo, I had it in mind for a while, and then  in just 3 attemps I succeed doing it ! 🙂 (without a tripod and without a remote control)

This was like an obviousness

“Dancing my soul out”

is the best way to define myself, even years later…

You know, this frustration, knowing that it’s going to be tough to do much better than this? 🙁

But also, this satisfaction to have, in just a photo, said everything you could say about yourself… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Nothing to add…

Dancing my soul out

So now you know ! 🙂

I wouldn’t do this again for anything in the world : I cannot stand myself on a photo anymore, but, each year when my birthday is almost there, I’m surprising myself considering it again…. 🙂

What about you ? Would you consider such a daily photoproject ?

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