Las Vegas by night, in photos

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Las Vegas ? I really thought I will not like that place.

But that day, I’ve learnt  my lesson : I will never assume I don’t like place, unless I get there and check it by myself.

To be honest, I’m not a 800% fan, and I’ve only explored the city in terms of photography, as a reporter.

But it’s interesting to watch people, and feel that impressive amount of energy from the crowd working behind the scene to make this place alive, shiny and so full of light and glitter.

Waking up really early to watch the city getting ready, when streets are empty with people, and gambling machines are quiet, waiting for some company.

That’s from that sense of light that I’ve wanted to share with you my vision of Vegas, because also, that’s the cliché people have about it : neons everywhere, so many lights you could get blind.

Part of me hopes I will be able to go back there, to explore it a little bit more, and see its gorgeous lights 🙂

So here is my vision of the city that never sleeps 🙂

Las Vegas-10

  Las Vegas la nuit Las Vegas la nuit Las Vegas-8 Las Vegas-6 Las Vegas-5


Did you enjoy it ?

When do we go back there ? 🙂

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