Love at first sight, and a wedding in the Beaujolais region (France)

If there is one thing I love about being a wedding photographer, it’s witnessing beautiful love stories, and life brings you to meet people who makes you happy and become friends, or love, ways to go beyond difficulties and sometimes, find love too.

When Franck met Estelle (thanks to their  mutual friends an personnal interest), it was love at first sight. Estelle, single who didn’t really believe she could find love anymore, quickly calmed him down when she noticed that Franck’s son was goin at the highschool she was working at.

There was no way for Estelle that she could date a guy who’s son was knowing her from a different perspective, and so their first date cooled down, like a soufflé.

But Franck was deeply crushed and fond of Estelle, so he kept hope and when his son graduated from highschool, few months later, he asked Estelle out for another drink.

The rest of the storie is easy to guess : Love, strong, deep and passionate love, they mooved together within weeks, and were engaged few months later.

And that’s less than a year after their first date that we were gathered to celebrate Estelle & Franck’s wedding.

In French, we have a saying that goes “older wedding, happier wedding”, and believe me, it makes perfect sense when you look at these 2 ! LOVE is in the air, and it feels good to witness this 🙂


It also gives a big dose of hope for all the single people out there : in less than a year, your love life can drastically change in a positive way, while watching Estelle and Franck together, you cannot help but believe more in love.

Celebration was held in the beautiful Beaujolais area, near Lyon, at the Domaine des vignes d’hôte in Bagnols (69) with very few guests, not knowing really each other because this was so “recent”. 🙂

No big families that day but a family from the heart.

Estelle is president of  Info Sarcomes, an association help patients with cancer, and she is very  invest in this cause, and so that’s surrounded by her oncologist that she arrived, and surrounded by friends, doctors and people helping her with this mission.

Strong bonds, intense and deep love… precious… just like I love it

So here are, in photos, some souvenirs of this pretty day in the Beaujolais

Celebration and cocktail took place in : Domaine des vignes d’hôtes, in Bagnols

City Hall : gorgeous little town (in golden stones)of Bagnols 🙂

Hair Stylist : Gregory Mastrostefano

MUA : Clementine An

Flowers : Marie Petale

DJ : Lucky Animations

Cattering: Nicod Traiteur

Décoration : Les Pti Thèmes

mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-3mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-4mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-7mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-9mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-10mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-11mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-12mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-5  mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-14mariage-dans-le-beaujolais-13









And to finish with one more smile, I have to keep that lesson in mind :

There is no need to try to convince a girl to join the rest of the ladies who wants to catch the bouquet, unless I really want to laugh.

Thanks for making me laugh so bad with your (lack of) motivation, I just love it 🙂



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