Marjorie & Michael’s wedding in Courpière

It’s in Courpière, in Puy de Dôme, central France, (between Thiers and Clermont-Ferrand) that we celebrate Marjorie and Michaël’s wedding.

A wedding day full of emotions, between the stress of the forecast weather (rain was planned to fall in the afternoon but it never did !), and the 2 love speaches of these 2 lovebirds, let me tell you that on that day, eyes were red and guests were overwhelmed just as much as I’ve been.

Thanks a lot to you, Marjorie and Michaël, for all this love, that was such a lovely wedding day !


From that great celebration day, I want to remember the weather, that wasn’t so bad afterall (it’s never good to worry too much about things you cannot control, and that’s a good example), and then, feelings… When Marjorie, the bride, talks or is with her grandpa, and that lovely couple getting married, with their 2 awesome love speach, followed by a little silence in the audience, everybody trying to shed a tear discretly 🙂


The brand new venue in the village of  Peschadoires, enhanced by Marjorie’s hand made decoration, that very caring couple, their group of friends waiting for them outside the church, and a very happy tribe of portuguese friends and family…

And of course, the photos of that event, to remember how great that day was 🙂



Hairdresser :  Gilles Dupuy Concept , make up by Aurélie Decombas

Catterer (very yummy !) : Le cocotier

DJ : Music & Lights


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