Painted Hills in Oregon

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Painted Hills are located in a very interesting and old archeologic area in Oregon (Pacific Northwest area), near the city of Mitchell.

I have to confirm all the things that I’ve read about this area on my travel books : Watch out for gas station : they are are and you’d better full your tank when you’re driving past one, because once you’re in the middle of nowhere, it is… nowhere 😉

Painted Hills really deserves its name : these hills, made of clay and 35 millions years old, are shaped by centuries of sediment, and clay, also transformed by the several volcanic eruptions in the past.

What’s amazing to me about this place is that the landscape never stop changing : clay is a sensitive element, and any variation of temperature or humidity transforms its texture and color.

And I don’t even talk about the clouds in the sky and their shadows, that transforms the light on the landscapes and its colors too ! 🙂

This place is insanely beautiful! 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve ever cried while watching a hill, but I can now tell that I did 🙂

So if you’re around Oregon, I really advise you to hit the road to Painted Hills (about 4 hours drive from Portland). There is nothing around, but the landscape leading to this place is also interesting (I’ll show you that really soon on the blog : I still have plenty of photos to process), but right now, processing my photos from Painted Hill, I really want to go back there really bad ! 🙂

The road leading to Painted Hills is magical : you can feel and see that you’re getting closer to some extraordinary landscape…. 🙂

Another path leads to a wooden path for a walk surrounded by mini-hills of clay, and explaining about the origin and the texture of things….

All around me, hills with magnificent colors, where the very rare vegetation is just a little extra good looking bonus to this awesome view ! 🙂

Enough talking, here are my photos of this place that becomes for me, one of my favorite ! 🙂

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