Sandrine & Caty’s wedding, in Brittany

I still remember my first conversation over the phone with Caty, and that moment when she mentionned, discretly “the bride”, when I understood Imay be choosen to take photos of a same sex couple for their wedding. I do remember that I’ve screamed with joy and excitement, and then was overextatic hoping they will pick me as their wedding photographer. That was too much, I know, but I couldn’t help it, now I almost feel ashamed for such enthousiasm 🙂

I am so glad to be able to celebrate love by taking photos, and I just couldn’t help to meet these 2 ladies, in Brittany , to celebrate their wedding. I knew I would witness precious moments, a very strong and deep commitment to each other (they’ve been together for 20 years, you have to give respect to this !), but also a will and strength to stay together despite some family members not approving this, and despite living in a country quite divided on this topic.

You have to strongly believe in love and in each other to stay together so long, especially in such a not welcoming environment, and to build a family, a life project starting at 2, then 3.

You get me right in the heart, with your simplicity, your reserve, and your very shy PDA, scared to shock or bother people, and modesty too. I have to confess that I’ve cried a lot that day, but also laughed a lot 🙂

It’s amazing to see people loving each other so much ! And it’s also beautiful to see their friends loving them even more ! Thanks a lot S. and C. to trust me and have me with you to celebrate your wedding in Brittany.

The wedding took place in a small town near Brest, and couple photos were taken at Meneham beach (how gorgeous is that place, can you believe that ? This is Brittany, really ? Waouw ! ) 🙂

And the day started in quite an hilarious day for me when I arrived at their place, because 10 minutes before, I was at a wrong address, and rang at a residence, in early morning, bothering a family with young kids, who may still wonder why the h… this lady with very heavy photo gear was at their door ! 😀 😀 😀


But once I managed to find the right house, I finally met my 2 brides and their friends, all wearing cardboard signs on their neck, to allow me to undersdant quickly who was who.

Isn’t that sweet ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

(but I guess someone messed up with some signs to try to trick me !) 🙂

The rest of the days is shared in photos

Enjoy the love, and smile, photos tends to last longer than people 😉





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