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Santacon in Portland

Portland, in Oregon, is known for its artistic and creative people. It is also known for its beer.

In France, in summertime, we have “ferias” in South west, known for red and white outfits and lots of alcohol.

Well Portland has its Santacon, and in many ways, it can describe perfectly what’s so awesome about that city !

Fun, creative, a bit regressive, hilarious, friendly and with a beer flavour ! 🙂

I’ve been lucky to be in town when this happened, and definitely wanted to “document” this event

(yeah yeah, taking photos was just another excuse for some fun and that was one of the funniest thing I’ve done there !) 🙂

Here, people just don’t give a f… about others, about being judged by people’s look, as long as it remains respectful, and cheerful, everything is possible, and that’s actually why I love this city so much !

Santacon in Portland ?

It’s a kind of bar crawl, with plenty of silly games in between 2 locations, and organisers “kidnap” some among the crowd for a “special silly mission” !

Not that many kids, definitely an adult event and that’s fine with me !

When celebrating Christmas doesn’t include cheesy and boring Disney setting, I have to ask for more !


And so I’ve spent my day repeating “Hello Santa !” and I just loved it !


Hello pretty Santa ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small

Hello hairy Santa  ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-3

Hello phone addicted Santa !

Santacon 2014 - small-6

Hello Santa… cruz ! 😀

Santacon 2014 - small-5

Watchout Santa, a reindeer  ! 😀

Santacon 2014 - small-7

Hello scary Santa ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-15

Santacon 2014 - small-16

Hello my name is… SANTA ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-2

Santa tubbies ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-38

Bling Bling Gangsta Santa

Santacon 2014 - small-33

and that’s when a funny game happened 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-12

Santacon 2014 - small-14

and then, while on our way to another bar location …

Santacon 2014 - small-21

My friend and I were kidnapped with other Santas, for a special mission…

Here’s how funny it felt in the car, where they played very loud and hypnotic Christmas music

🙂 🙂 🙂

And I have to say that this mission was purely AWESOME !

We went to roller skate in a community center nearby, mostly surrounded by kids and their parents, so it was, beside the rollerskate, quite awesome ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-30

I’ve loved it, and here is a video to proove that Santa also knows how to rollerskate 🙂


Santacon 2014 - small-24Santacon 2014 - small-27

and then, we get back to the event to join the crowd who kept drinking while we were away and was starting some silly games…

Santacon 2014 - small-34

A jumping contest, over a very scary swimming pool full of sharks !

Good job Xmas tree !

Santacon 2014 - small-37

Alcohol helping, this became more and more funny

hey… hello Santa ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-39

We kind of ended the event in an old bar, where the locals there felt between being invaded and bothered by us but also smiling at the surprise… and that made it even more fun actually ! 🙂

Santacon 2014 - small-42

Santacon 2014 - small-41

Santacon in Portland ? I loved every single minute of it !

I’d love to do it again  !


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