Feria in Sevilla

Sevilla, I’ve been dreaming about it for years… I’ve been practicing sevillan dance since 2002… waouw, 11 years now. Feria, that was also one of the most important thing I wanted to do in my ‘to do list in my life”….

Feria that was only opened to dancers who had an invitation for a casetas (this I didn’t know about…). Too bad for me, I didn’t have one, but this year, I’ll go to Jerez to have my revenge…

So for those who wondered what sevillan dance is,  check this

Feria de Seville-32

In video, sevillan dancing, that’s this (I looooooooooooove this vidéo)

And if you want to know the difference between sevillan dance and flamenco,  there are plenty of articles on the internet to tell you about it

But what matters most in this article, are photos 🙂

So, waiting for my feedback of the feria in Jerez, here are some photos…

Feria de Seville-100

Feria de Seville-113

Feria de Seville-29

Feria de Seville-107

Feria de Seville-163Feria de Seville-158

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