The overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac

The overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac are located in South Western part of France, near Sarlat, an area I’ve been lucky to visit last December, while on a 2 days roadtrip.

These gardens, I saw them several times on the internet and they stayed in my mind like a reminder, but they also where the little sparks that made me decide to go on that roadtrip.

“Enough is enough, I’m going now ! ” 🙂

December being the low season, this garden was open from 2pm to 5pm.

And it was perfect because it left me enough time to drive from Clermont-Ferrand to this part of France (about 3hours drive), and then visit a little village or 2 and be there in the garden for it’s opening hour.


And I’ve been lucky : going there in the middle of the week, in early December, we were barely 4 visitors for the 4 miles of paths and walks in the gardens and woods

 Marqueyssac gardens  are famous for that view, postcard and dreamy view, very touristic and attractive view (you cannot blame them, this is gorgeous and that’s why I wanted to visit that place – although I didn’t have the sunny weather and blue sky, but a boring ugly white one)

jardin de marqueyssac small-56

But Marqueyssac, that’s more than this…

First of all, it’s the neighbour’s sheep, welcoming you at the entrance 🙂

jardin de marqueyssac small-3

and then pretty peacocks, inside the park  🙂

jardin de marqueyssac small-5

It’s also a beautfiul view on the surrounding area, very pretty, with old castles here and there, lost in the landscape…

and a nice view above la Roque Gageac

jardin de marqueyssac small-32

jardin de marqueyssac small-8

Box trees, sculpted, and some of them looking like funny things (this one, to me, looks like a silly snail) 🙂

jardin de marqueyssac small-15

Sheds, in the middle of the woods (I love these !)

jardin de marqueyssac small-31

jardin de marqueyssac small-47

jardin de marqueyssac small-33

jardin de marqueyssac small-20

Benches, here and there, to rest, and enjoy the view


jardin de marqueyssac small-9

Sculptures, here and there, in between trees and alleys

jardin de marqueyssac small-37

Endless peacefull path, so slender and regular, that it will even calm down the most line nevrosed ones 🙂

What an amazing work !

jardin de marqueyssac small-41

But also and that’s true that you cannot get enough of it : that part of the garden, so pretty and majestic !


jardin de marqueyssac small-57

jardin de marqueyssac small-58

I love it !

I actually loved it so much that while writing this post, I really felt I could leave right now to go back there again

and now I want to go back there again 🙂

Have you ever been to Marqueyssac garden ?

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