Visiting Mont St-Michel in July

July is probably the worst time of year to go to Mont St-Michel, because there are so many tourist from all around the world.

But when you don’t get the chance to have a car everyday, you still enjoy the drive no matter what, and each chance to go for a roadtip is a chance I catch ! 🙂

And when another photographer friend is willing to join me on that adventure, there is just one thing left to say : LET’S GO ! 🙂

This year, we’ve decided that we won’t spend Bastille day (French National Celebration day, on July 14th) in Paris, surrounded by people from the army, on the Champs-Elysées (or watching the parade on TV).

6am let’s leave Paris… Music Playlist is set up, breakfast treats are packed and Let’s goooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Our goal ? make it there for 10.30 !

And it’s crazy how just getting a bit away from Paris, gives you the opportunity to see other landscapes and horizons…

Mont St Michel

Time flies, and in between 2 conversations, we’re almost there… from far away I can almost guess the silhouette of this magnificent place, and that beautiful weather makes us even more excited to reach our destination ! 🙂

Mont St Michel - paysage

Far away, I saw sheeps, so cute, and I had to get that postcard like vision ! 🙂

Mont St Michel agneau pré salé - paysage
A walk in the middle of nowhere, trying to reach them… that feeling of space, with a little breeze in my hair…. it feels so good ! 🙂

Mont St Michel - coquelicots

Mont St Michel Good Small-21

And here we are, Mont St-Michel, I havn’t seen that place for quite a while… that gorgeous piece of ancient times, reminded me that I’m just a little human being 🙂

So, do you want to see what’s Inside? Here we go ! 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂

Mont St Michel paysage

A visit to the abbaye, at the best time of the day : when the sun starts to be a pain on my skin (at noon), and tourist starts to feel hungry 😉

I’m always impressed by the gorgeous way the lights come in these old churches, making the place looking even more heavenly and divine…

Mont St Michel cathédrale


Mont St Michel Good Small-61

Mont St Michel Good Small-55

Mont St Michel Good Small-62

Mont St Michel Good Small-51

Mont St Michel Good Small-47

Mont St Michel Good Small-69

And here we are, outside… watching the horizon, I have a furious need to be there, in the middle, in the mud…

Mont St Michel Good Small-65

Put my feet in the muddy sand, and go and explore low tide, but these time without fearing what I’ve experimented at the Oregon coast…

I have to confess though that I’ve been a bit scared still… and although the feeling of the mud on my feet was great, the ground was not stable, and sliddy at some places (my camera gear was afraid too!)

But it didn’t prevent me from being silly ! 🙂

Mont St Michel Good Small-71

That roadtrip was so awesome that once back home, I left my friend drive, and tried to get some people smiling at the toll thing 🙂

gorille small

It didn’t really work, but it’s fine with me, roadtrips are fun no matter what ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Would you join me next time ? 🙂

Mont St Michel Good Small-75

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