Wild animals decoration for M & L ‘s wedding

Wild animals for a wedding ?

Yes but no, but in fact, YES PLEASE ! 🙂

When I met Marie and Loup, a bit more than a year ago, Marie (she is a vet’), told me how important it was for her, to be surrounded by animals and nature on her wedding day.

And  château de Féligonde, a few kilometers away from Clermont-Ferrand, is the perfect place for this, since it’s also a horse lodge (board ?). No surprise then, that this couple decided to celebrate their wedding there !

Cats, horses, swans in the castle’s parc, and a decoration made with a bit more wild animals for that pretty wedding !

Decoration was hand-made by the couple, and if you love wild animals, you’ll love it ! 🙂

Owls, bear, fox and some other of their friends were on the tables  !

Paintings drawn by Marie, and the seating arrangement map too. What a challenge (for me at least), to figure out what track match to which animal to be able to reach my seat. Fun ! I really loved how original this was, but also the huge amount of work this is. (don’t count on me to draw a fox !) 🙂

And also, these sweet  berlingots ! 🙂

An awesome day, between laughing and curious situations, on the 12th of August 2017, there was lots of love around château de Féligonde !

About that day, I want to remember,

Marie’s beautiful red hair and her pretty  bouquet 


Grasshoppers in her dress 🙂

The official celebration at the city hall of Clermont-Ferrand  🙂

and then, the ceremony, between laughs and tears  🙂

And then, when about to exchange vows, the bride and groom decided who will talk first, by playing rock paper cissor ! 🙂

Guests, warned by the couple, who were kind enough to really let me take photos and not be in my way. This is rare enough to be mentionned. Thanks for that ! I only saw that you took photos of the celebration, when, once at home, I processed the photos. You were kind enough to stay in your seat and not disturb the ceremony (but also be in my way), and that made a whole difference. THANK YOU !

And then, the cocktail party, in the sun, laughing and… oh wait, is that a horse ? 🙂

Those who won’t drive back home tonight and sleep here 🙂

My unstopable laugh, when a guest suddenly jump out of the crowd to catch the bouquet ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

The king of tatami 😉  but also a yummy meal  (catterer :  Jean-Michel Labonne) and cute cake (pastry chef : L’atelier gourmand)


A very lovely wedding, with wild animals, a sweet couple, and plenty of love !


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