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A roadtrip in Cantal

It’s been 3 years now that I’ve settled in Auvergne, and discovered the beautiful Cantal county, while on a roadtrip in Salers.

3 years later, and many kilometers driven on the roads of this pretty part of France, I was craving for a “revival” : willing to drive there again, but adding some other roads and places on the way that I’ve discovered since, in my favorite part of Auvergne (not to say France) : Cantal.

I will not show you photos of  Plomb du Cantal this time, it wasn’t on the menu for this roadtrip 🙂

I’ve been waiting impatiently for that road in high mountain to reopen after winter, that one that shakes me everytime I drive there : the road leading to Puy Mary. I love it and cannot explain why, that’s the way it is, always shed a tear there, get ready for it 🙂

I often say that Cantal, you have to deserve it !

I’ve learnt, from living there, that the weather can be variable, intense, not to say extreme and that day again : 2°C at Puy Mary, when I was leaving Clermont-Ferrand the same morning with 15°C.

But that’s just another reason to love it actually 🙂

This time, I drove through a different itinerary from the one 3 years ago.

As much as I don’t like to share my recipes, I’m totally ok to share my favorite roads 🙂

So put your seatbelts on, I take you with me on my favorite roads, delicious kilometers in a gorgeous landscape. Nope, I’m not objective, and my eyes shines when talking about it, LET’S GO !


Arriving in Massiac, go up to check your fear of height at chapelle Ste Madeleine de Chalet  🙂

Then to Allanches,  through Le Bru, there are pretty curves on the road, with pretty wind turbines. We are now in the Cezallier part of Auvergne, my favorite area. 🙂

Take a little time for contemplation when leaving Allanches to Ségur es villa….

Wave or blow a kiss to local stars 🙂

and head to Lavigerie, to Puy Mary, get ready, I’m going to cry 🙂  

Stop a minute to tickle the moss on the road fences 🙂

There was still some snow on top of Puy Mary, and it was coooooooold, with a little icy breeze and a very frustrating fog… but that’s just a good excuse for not hiking on top of Puy Mary on that day 🙂

Let drive to Salers !

These next few kilometers are yummy : full of pretty smelly flowers everywhere, I could have spent my entire afternoon taking photos of them (thank you flowers for the pretty smell !) 🙂

Salerssssssssss !!!!!! (yes, I now know : we don’t pronounce the last “s”) 🙂

Even better : Salers with almost nobody, no tourist, lovely ! 🙂

The view from the esplanade is still breathtaking !

Hitting the road again, heading to Tournemire (another village ranked “most beautiful village in France”)

And then wander, here and there, to the left, nope to the right there, after that tree, just to get lost, but also to bother my GPS (reveeennnnnnnggggeee !!!) 🙂

Driving back to Puy Mary, via Mandaille St Julien, the view is fog free now (but temperature still very low though)

These roads on the crest of the mountain are gorgeous, and I love them even better when the sky is cloudy, full of texture and surprising ray of lights 🙂

Driving back to  Clermont-Ferrand through Marcenat, for a few more surprises on my way…

Did you know that there is, deeply hidden in Cantal and Cezallier area, an orthodox monastery ?

You can visit that place and can even buy their honey and books they’ve written about the area.

Lost in nature, these copper roof are playing hide and seek with trees 🙂

And before leaving Cantal, driving through Cézallier, don’t forget to check the waterfall in Saillant 🙂

So here was a little update for my “serenade to Cantal”, but a big part of Cantal is missing, since I still don’t know it (yet)…

Challenge accepted, for another blogpost !


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