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A bucolic bridal shower in rural Auvergne

I didn’t get the chance in the past, to take photos of a bridal shower, but I have to admit that I now regret it : it is awesome ! 🙂

Especially after Christine’s Bridal shower, organised in total secret by her girl friends !

A chance in my agenda: it was organised on a Friday, just the day before my very first wedding of my Wedding photography season 2016 !

What an easy way to  relax, and put myself in a “wedding” mood !

(I’m always stressed before the 1st wedding of my season)


Christine’s wedding will be in June this year, in Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne, in central France (where I live), but this time, it’s in the center of Auvergne (the center of the center of France ?) :), in a B&B, La Goulapie, near St Quentin s/ Sauxillanges. That’s where I met the girls for our photo session.

With our 2 agendas overbooked, we never get the chance to meet with Christine, the bride, but I already have heard about her plenty of time, since she contacted me thanks to a friend I’m doing volunteering with.

And so, on that bridal shower day, I was kind of a surprise for her, at the end of the day.

Christine was eyes closed, on the terrasse, surrounded by her girl friends, asking here “what about your photographer, did you finally get to meet her ? What’s her name again “

No ? Well, now open your eyes ! 🙂

and so she did 🙂

Except that  we never met so she didn’t know how I look like ! 🙂

Laughter and hugs later, it was so good to finally meet her !

And that’s in such a good mood that we started our photo session, being silly but first, wearing paper flower crown and ready to party !


To be honest, I had one of the best time with them, I laughed so much, and actually, I think you can guess that when watching the photos 🙂

I really loved taking photos of this bridal shower, in central Auvergne

I can’t wait for Christine’s wedding on June 18th !


EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-2EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016-3bisEVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-5EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-8EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-51EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-57EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-64EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-72EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-83EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-97EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-121EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-116EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-101EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-100EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-122EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-159EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-199EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-130EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-133EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-138EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-135EVJF Christine - 6 mai 2016 - small-220

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