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A burlesque show in Clermont-Ferrand

It’s been a while I havn’t been to a burlesque show !

Of course, having burlesque artist friends in Paris made me meet burlesque artists in Clermont-Ferrand

And that’s now in my new hometown that I get the chance to see another burlesque show, on Saturday 21st of May

Whispers & Shadows was the organiser and had special guests guests, Daisy Deparys, a parisian artist, but also  Trixie Fou Laurant, from San Francisco ! 🙂

As usual, that burlesque show was hilarious (and sexy too). I’m so glad I’ve found this in Clermont-Ferrand : I need an extra dose of glitter, sensuality and feather in my life !


So if I were you, I’ll check their next show (the best is still to follow them on their Facebook)

So here are some photos of that burlesque evening !


Lola Ventura

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-6

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-10

Daisy Deparys

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-18Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-21

An hilarious and sexy Ginger from Venus

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-13Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-14Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-16Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-15

Trixie Fou Laurant

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-29Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-32Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-35

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-73Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-75

Gorgeous Lady Dada

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-48Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-50

Galliane Murmures

Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-59Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-63Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-62Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-66Burlesque Clermont-Ferrand - small-67

That was definitely a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening in Clermont-Ferrand !


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