A Fall Wedding in La Bourboule (Auvergne)

The last wedding of my wedding photography season was a Fall wedding in La Bourboule, in Auvergne.

A Fall wedding is always nice, calmer, with less risk of having to deal with a heatwave, although there is even more a bigger worry about how the weather is going to be.

That day we’ve been really lucky, because we enjoyed the beautiful light of Fall colors during the cocktail party, night falling quite early on that day (that was the week-end of winter light saving change).

This couple was near their forties, and decided to get married on the late, mainly for one big reason : Sébastien, the groom, really wanted to marry Céline for a while now, but they wanted to wait for their kids to be old enough to remember that day of celebration.


From this Fall wedding in La Bourboule, I want to remember : the girly mood when the bride was getting ready, in the morning, with her girlfriends, how emotional the groom was during the celebration, I want to remember the lousy Haka made by the groom’s friend, but such an hilarious one for this reason !

I want to remember the awesome energy of people getting crazy on the dance floor, just after the ball opened, the pretty red 2CV old car, the cold hitting my face at nightfall, the walk with the guest, toward the barn where the ceremony took place, the pretty city hall of Riom, but also : this couple’s first dance !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

On a cheesy love song, without lyrics, these 2 lovers recorded their thoughts  while they were supposed to dance. Hilarious first dance ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mairie de Riom

Celebration venue : Domaine de Fohet, in La Bourboule (63)

Flowers : Eglantine Fleurs, La Bourboule

DJ : Clément Mortier

Caterer : Le Cantou

Everything else has to be told in photos ! 🙂


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