A wedding in Cantal

A wedding in Cantal is always a great idea ! Ok, I’m not that objective here, I looooooooooooove so much  Cantal, this rural part of central France. It’s in summer time, at Vic sur Cere (near Aurillac), that I’ll take you today to tell you about Sandrine and Stéphane’s wedding.

I’ll remember the heat that day, a very sunny day, but also how kind, lovely and welcoming Sandrine’s family were to me, and that rare chance that I get to meet a bride that does her own hairstyle for her wedding (she used to be a hairdresser artist). 🙂

The very flashy color of her shoes, painted with car paint (pimp my shoes by the bride, I’m sooooooo fan of that !), and how lovely the mayor of  Vic sur Cère was, but also the very kind speach of the priest of Vic sur Cère church…. that was all the little things that made this day such a lovely one !

Cocktail party was held at Manoir de Vic sur Cère, and then dinner and party was just 5 minutes walk away at  salle des fêtes de la ville specifically decorated for the event. I didn’t stay for the dinner and party time, but I have no doubt it was crazy and fun 🙂

A wedding in Cantal is always a good idea, and that celebration day in Vic sur Cère is a sweet memory of that summer in Auvergne.

Let me show you….




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