Chambord Castle (Loire Valley), in details

Chambord, it’s been a hile I wanted to visit that château !

When you live in Paris, it’s just a few hours drive away from the city, and turns out that Chambord is among the closest castle of the Loire Valley.

I had a day to kill, wanted a roadtrip, so I rented a car, and took 2 friends with me !

Let’s go and visit Chambord !

And since, as usual, I had my camera with me, here are some details of my visit that really mooved me.

I avoid the “postcard photos”, trying also to avoid the crowd of tourist, and really wanted to focus on details, because that’s what you may not see on the castle website…

Here is my view of this impressive piece of history…. and architecture.

Have you visited it ? Which one of the Loire Valley castle do you like best ?


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