An intimate wedding in Château de Pramenoux (beaujolais)

Aug 18th, 2017

Château de Pramenoux is located in the Beaujolais area, about 45 minutes drive away from Lyon.

Even if its address says it is in  St-Nizier-d’Azergues,  château de Pramenoux is in fact few miles away from the village. Nothing better than a bit of stress in the morning to find your location, and arrive in time with a big smile of achievement, to start a long day of shooting photos 🙂

And that castle is worth the search for it, it is beautiful ! château de Pramenoux is also a place of history !

A perfect place to celebrate an intimate wedding !

And that’s in château de Pramenoux that Marie-Hélène and Mathieu decided to celebrate.

Official administrative wedding was done few days ago, and on that day, it was  all about a celebration with close friends and family, about 60 people in total.

A chance for me to come back in beaujolais, to celebrate love through a photo documentary of their wedding.

No posed photo, no official couple photos, and no official entrance in the dinner room, that was the rule on that day from the couple. It was perfect for me, because it was then all about documenting their day 100%, and that’s definitely what I love best !

From this wedding, I’ll remember the mersmerizing smell of Lillies, waiting to be set up in the living room, and the pretty bouquet of the bride (flowers by Fleur de Style, in Ternand)


But also the gorgeous bride’s dress, a 3/4 cut, that gave Marie-Hélène a bit of a sparkling Disney princess look (perfect fit : she is a Disney fan !)

I just love her dress so much !


I get the chance on that day, to meet and work with the very talented  Amélie Gouttenoire, make up and hair stylist. The gorgeous light in the rooms of the castles enhanced her amazing work, it made the morning very glamour.

Weather was stubborn and not that much predictable (we had very scary storm and rain on the previous day), and so the ceremony was at some point set up indoor, then outside, then indoor again. We mooved the chair several times, to finally decide it was safer to be under the tent, when the guests started to arrive.

and we were glad we did : even if the weather was finally ok during the ceremony and the cocktail, at the end of the cocktail, storm and massive rain suddenly happened.


At the bride and groom dinner table, there was no guest. It was a table for 2 !

They saw this at a friend’s wedding in Italy, and indeed, that was a great idea : indeed, bride and groom spend their dinner time walking from table to table, talking to everybody.

And so, when they finally come back at their table and sit, they are just together, just the 2 of them. Lovely idea !

The seatting arrangements were made on Beaujolais wine bottle, with a wine theme of course.


The dad of the groom speach’s was very funny, and the dinner was soooo good ( catterer :  Philippe Morin)

A very touching and funny 1st dance with the bride and her dad, followed by a very classy dance between Marie-Hélène and Mathieu : an oldie rock.

Yep, that day at château de Pramenoux, despite the unpredictable weather, was perfect !

It was everything that I love, so long live and love to you, Marie-Hélène and Mathieu !

Vive l’amour, vive les mariés, et vive le Beaujolais !




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