Feria in Jerez

Feria in Jerez… a very different one from Sevilla, and I can not decide which one I like best.

Just to put you in the mood for this, here is in a video, the feria as if you were there

In Sevilla, casetas (little houses where you eat, drink and dance), are private accessed. Unless you know someone to get you in, you won’t get in.

Whereas the feria in Jerez, you get in, out, you dance, it’s really easy to be part of the crowd and have fun.

In Sevilla, you only dance sevillanas, lots and lots of sevillanas <3….

In Jerez, some casetas are mix with bulerias (yes, I know, you may not know the difference, but that doesn’t really matter if you’re not a flamenco, sevillan dancer…)

In the feria in Jerez, from a certain time in the evening, the music becomes more popular just like the ones they play in clubs, the ambiance is then very changing from the one you’re in during the day, much more traditionnal.

In Sevilla, people, in the city, parades, and walk in traditionnal outfit, which can lead to pretty nice photos….whereas in Jerez, you won’t meet anyone in a costume in the city, unless that personn is on her way to the feria (which takes place a bit outside of the city)

And this year, it’s in feria de Jerez that I had fun… so much fun that at some point, I had a hard time to choose between take my camera and putting my flamenco dress on to go out and dance ! I’ve tried to do both at the same time, but it’s : not esthetic at all, and quite bothering because the dress already takes a lot of space and  totally changes the way you’re mooving around 🙁

So here are, in a few photos, this feria of Jerez, where I’ve spent some of the most amazing (and happy) vacations of my life… I think I’m on that planet to grow older and be retired in Andalucia…

I won’t make it this year, and already feel how much I miss it….I can’t wait for next year to be back there 🙂

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