Getting married at the Château de Breteuil

When I met A. and S. for the first time, they havn’t picked their location for their wedding day yet.

Only later on, I’ve learnt that they will celebrate their love at the Orangery of  Chateau de Breteuil, in Paris area (in the 78), Chevreuse valley. It’s a beautiful place, located in a beautiful area, and A + S love story is worth such a gorgeous decor.

How did A and S meet ? They were roomates ! So in the end, they always lived together, how nice, right ?

Cute love story 🙂

Enough talking about it, let me show you how great that day was ! 🙂

The Breteuil castle is definitely a place where I’d love to go back to celebrate weddings ! 🙂


What I loved best ?

The maze !!!

I’ve been dreaming for a very long time to see one for real, and I’m glad this place had one.

At least, I get to take photos of the bride and groom there 🙂

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