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Now this is Burlesque (in photos)

It’s time for me to show you some photos of burlesque artists.

When I was living in Paris, I had the chance to go and see some burlesque shows, and take photos there.

(Beauties of Burlesque, Wunder Kabaret, Les Nuits de la Palombe, that’s where I’ve been)

I met there fabulous artists, passionnate about what they do, glitter addict, and being a knitter myself, I always had a crush for costume, fabric, and DIY ! 🙂

We don’t talk about porn start here, or women with unreal and siliconned bodies.

Even if these artists are gorgeous and have amazing bodies for part of them, they are real, they seem real, and they also have a bit of cellulite (and that feels good to see as a woman !) 🙂

yes guys, but don’t turn back, to leave yet, because if I’ve learnt something about Burlesque, it is the many many different ways to get undressed, and create a story for it 🙂

Wikipedia will tell you about it better than I do, but I’ve been surprised to see very different styles and moods (from very classic oldies performance, to totally crazy and hilarious ones)

Burlesque is above all an hommage to Women ! 🙂

In terms of photography, it’s not an easy task though… very low light, glitter everywhere (scary for your lenses), a mooving character that you have to catch and focus on, on a very narrow stage.. audience can be in the way too and, let’s be honest here too : usually it’s also very small venue too.

Taking photos of a burlesque show can feel like exercising (between a speed and stressful run when you want to get your lense to focus, on a performance that last only 2 to 3 minutes by artist !)

but that’s a sexy exercise ! 🙂

So let me show you some photos of artist I’ve seen, great burlesque artists !

——- hop, let me put play some music first :)———

Here is some photos of an artist that I just cannot figure out the name of. That’s a shame because these are my favorite photos 🙁

Artiste burlesqueArtiste burlesqueArtiste burlesque

Dolce Jenna

Dolce JennaBurlesque - Dolce Jenna

glamour Rita Lynch :

Rita Lynch (2)

Rita Lynch (1)

Rita Lynch (3)

Hilarious Donna Coeursleone

Burlesque - Donna Coeurleone

Salvia Badtripes

Salvia Badtripe

Salvia Badtripes

Aurora Natrix 

Aurora Natrix (7)Aurora Natrix (2)Aurora Natrix (5)

Candy Rose

Candy RoseCandy Rose (2)

Emma la luna : (dont je ne retrouve aucun lien de page Facebook ou autre)

Emma La Luna (2)

Emma La Luna (1)


Enigm Entice (1)

L’affolante Sattyna Tsé Tsé

Artiste Burlesque - Sattyna Tsé Tsé

FrouFrou d’Absinthe ! Froufrou d'Absinthe (3)

Froufrou d'Absinthe (8)

Gabriella Giuditta Sin Infelize

Burlesque - Gabriella Giuditta Sin Infelise

Guadalupe Bocanegra

Burlesque - Guadalupe Bocanegra

L’excellente Lila Chupa-Hoops, qui arrive à faire un numéro burlesque en faisant du hoola hoop ! 🙂

(je n’arrive à faire ni l’un, ni l’autre, alors les 2 en même temps,c ‘est quand même dingue !) 🙂

Lila Chupa Hoops

Maud’Amour ! 🙂

Burlesque - Maud'Amour (2)

Maud'Amour (1)

Suri Sumatra

Suri Sumatra (2)

Gryfella Ploom Ploom

Griffela Ploom Ploom


Mimi Clumsy

Mimi Clumsy

Mrs Rose :

Burlesque - Mrs Rose (2)

Mrs Rose (1)

Poppy Tagada 

Burlesque - Poppy Tagada (2)

Starla Haze 

Starla Haze (2)Burlesque - Starla Haze (1)

Vivi Valentine

Vivi Valentine (1)

L’incroyable Brian Scott Bagley

oui oui, les artistes burlesque ne sont pas que des femmes !

On appelle même ça du boylesque 🙂

Brian Scott BagleyBrian Scott Bagley (1)

Les nuits de la Palombe (13)

Fatale Redvenom

Fatale Red Venom

Et bien il me serait difficile de terminer cette série de photo sans vous montrer quelques photos de Julia Palombe, dont les spectacles ne se limitent pas à un numéro burlesque, mais allient aussi le chant, la musique la poésie et l’humour…

Les nuits de la Palombe (5)

Les nuits de la Palombe (4)

Les nuits de la Palombe (2)

Les nuits de la Palombe (1)

Les nuits de la Palombe (10)

Les nuits de la Palombe (9)

Les nuits de la Palombe (8)

Glamour et Sexy, vive le Burlesque !

Moi j’adore et vous ?


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