Photos of my beloved Paris

It’s been 6 months now, that I live in Central France, in an area called Auvergne.

A beautiful area, full of nature and quite rural too that I really enjoy these days, after spending 10 years of my life living in Paris.

When a city girl becomes a bit of a country girl.

And although, as a traveler I’ve shared few stories of my travel in Europe and in USA, I realise these days that I’ve never  really shared with you photos of Paris.

These days, news and medias shows a lot about Paris, and sadness is spread worldwide when thinking about that city.

I wanted to share with you the good things and photos I’ve enjoyed about Paris, because even if I really enjoy not living there anymore, I spent 10 years in Paris, and had some great time and memories with that city.

So here is few things I’ve enjoyed, in photos 🙂

Jardin des Tuileries, magnificent with a little bit of snow…

Juste un peu de silence - Paris

Chinese New Year’s celebration, because what’s great about living in a big city, is the mix of cultures and its different communities

Scène de rue Nouvel an chinois à Paris

Talking about community and celebration : my favorite event in Paris has to be “Ganesh celebration” (end of August each year, in the 10th district).

It is being in Paris, and not being in Paris at the same time… although there are oftenly more photographers than people celebrating (just like in most of the events in Paris), I really love Paris for being so multicultural.

Exotisme - Fête de Ganesh - Paris

Jardin des Tuileries, again, but most of all : Place de la Concorde.

Sitting there, staring at the view, and the traffic on Place de la Concorde is really something I love (especially at night fall in summertime… Place de la Concorde is impressive and gorgeous with it’s lights on). You barely could guess all the awful things that happened few centuries ago there…

Paris landscape view on Eiffel Tower

Remembering that photo shooting I was supposed to do on Pont des Arts (before the love locks ruined it, ruined the view and the perspective). On a very early Sunday morning in december (like 7am – freezing cold).

I still can remember this, and the cold I’ve felt waiting for my friend, late because stocked in public transportation.

Destination - Pont des arts - Paris

Parc Monceau, my neighbourhood for almost 7 years. on that photo on a snowy day.

A very small park, in a very fancy area of Paris…. perfect for people watching (kids running, a fancy stroller contest among new mums, grandmas chatting with each other, little cute doggies…)

Destination Parc de Monceau - Paris

Pont Bir-Hakeim

So famous (especially after the moovie “Inception”), because of it’s gorgeous perceptive but also for its view on the Eiffel tower.

This photo is among my very favorite ones I ever took while in Paris…

Voyage à Paris - Pont Bir-Hakeim

Because in Paris, we throw bra against breast cancer !

Pink Bra Bazaar organise that event every year and it’s fun 🙂

Pink Bra - Eiffel tower

La Défense

Because when I arrived in Paris, I was just back from some time in USA, and I missed NYC.

Walking around La Défense was the only way where I could be surrounded by high buildings and its architecture mixed of iron and glass.

I kind of enjoyed walking in that maze of buildings…

La Défense, Paris

Jardin du Palais Royal

Definitely my favorite park to walk and spend some time in…

This photo is one of the oldest photo I have when starting photography… yet, still among my favorite.

Paris is where I’ve started photography, Paris is where  I became a photographer…

Scène de vie à Paris - Candid street photo in Paris

What’s great about Jardin du Palais Royal is… well…. everything !

A little bit of quiet and peace, while surrounded by all the busiest places in Paris

Jardin du Palais Royal à Paris

Having a walk in Le Marais, trying to find some interesting design shops for an original present for friends

because caught by night, but still, this old architecture makes it look pretty and interesting all the time anyway…

Destination Paris la nuit

Paris, since I’ve left you, and now that I live in the countryside, really, on a daily basis, I don’t miss you.

But these days, and especially after looking at these photos, I DO.

LOVE, (and peace)



Destination Paris !

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