Should you bring your kids at a wedding ?

Everytime I meet my clients, I ask them how many kids will be at their wedding.

Thinking about it, I wonder if this is cultural, I havn’t checked that when learning about american weddings.

The amount of kids at a wedding gives you a pretty good idea about how the party will go.

So, should you bring your kids with you at a wedding ?

Even if I’ve noticed that the festive mood could be really different, depending if guests bring their kids or not, I’d have to confess that I recently had to change my mind about this.

And that’s what I’m going to tell you about today 🙂

As you may already know, I’ve been a nanny for years and I love kids

(especially when they are not crying) 🙂

I’m among the people who babbles when seeing a baby.

and always enjoy meeting a kid totally dressed at a wedding 🙂

But indeed, when there are kids at a wedding, it’s more difficult for parents to enjoy their time with other guests, and stop focusing on the logistic : diaper, bottle, beeb, naptime or snacks, but also, the urge to have a backpack full of crayons, dinosaurs and the fear of “oh no, we forget her barbie dolls !”

(should I mention that without kids around, you can allow yourself one or two more cocktails) 🙂

You get my point: bringing your kids with you at a wedding can prevent you from enjoying the party full time, and may also not be that much fun for your kids either, even if the bride and groom hired a baby sitter (or 2!)

And then….

I took photos at Xuanlan and Antoine’s wedding, and it totally made me see things from another perspective 🙂

2 people in love, a pretty castle in South of France ( château de Planèze, near Rodez), a great DJ,

Mariage Rodez



but also, and that’s what’s interesting:

130 guests + 30 kids !

So far, there was about 10 to 15 kids at weddings where I’ve been a photographer, and that was already a lot.

To give you an idea, here is the kid’s dinner table, or should I say : kid’s tableS 🙂

Mariage Rodez

Deciding, or not, to bring your kids at a wedding is choosing to bring a totally different energy to the celebration that day, and also a little parallel universe.

And here is what I’ve seen with my camera that day 🙂

There was the ones, too shy, who wanted to stay with their parents at first…

The ones trying to understand the grown-ups 🙂

The one who understood 🙂

Mariage 11 juillet 2015 (100)

The ones often seen at the bar 🙂

Pretty girls 🙂

Wedding photo in France

The ones who came closer to look at the bride 🙂

Wedding photo in France

The ones having fun 🙂

And the others… well, enjoying a bit less the party 🙂

The ones trying to understand the seating arrangements 🙂

Wedding photo in France

The ones making new friends 🙂

Wedding photo in France

And the one annoyed by the noise ! 🙂

Kids at wedding

As you can see, bringing your child to a wedding can make the day definitely more interesting and dynamic too.

As for me, I have to say that I’ve loved spending my day with them 🙂

Did I manage to convince you ? 🙂



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